How To Shop When you are Trying to Go Green

You and everyone in your company have just made the decision to go green (it’s a new company policy, by the way!) Congratulations to you on making that decision, the environment thanks you deeply for your commitment to be more green friendly.

Online shopping

According to an article by Real Simple going green does not have to be miserable and painful. However, while some of the eco-friendly changes might not bother you must such as switching out the office cleaners that you currently use, others might be down right scary such as limiting your driving – i.e. from home to work or from office to client meeting locations.

According to It’s Not Easy To Be Green one of the reasons we choose not to go green is because we are too busy. Going green involves us having to change the way we do things and right now, we are just too busy to make those types of commitments. Even if you decide to go ‘mostly’ green there will always be one thing that you don’t want to give up such as your mode of transportation, e.g. company cars. How can I survive without shopping?

If the idea of giving up cruising around town in your company car and shopping for your office needs (or even a colleague’s birthday presents) is preventing you from going green than let me suggest you one simple solution: Amazon.

While it sounds simple, but people tend not to consider online shopping as a way to go green.  So, what are the benefits?

1. No need to commute equals lesser wastes

With Amazon, you never again have to leave your office for shopping because you can buy almost everything you could ever need all in one location.

2. Partnerships mean more discounts

Not only is shopping Amazon the green thing to do but with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you can save a lot of green as well.

Go green and love doing it when you shop Amazon and when you visit Groupon Coupons too, you will save plenty of green as well in the form of coupons and coupon codes.


Decide to finally go green this year and love doing it when you shop Amazon. Amazon allows you to purchase most of what you need to survive with out running your automobile. Be sure to see Groupon Coupons first and smile knowing that not only are you saving the environment by shopping on Amazon but you are also saving a lot of the green that lives in your wallet as well.


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