Top 10 Startups to Follow This Year

Today we’re taking a look at the top 10 start-ups for 2017. What you’ll find below are the fastest growing start-ups of 2016, the ones that impressed us most, the ones that have raised more investments, those that have given a violent shock to the innovation market.

Top startups in 2017

1. Inverse

If you are averse to any kind of news Inverse is the portal for you. Inverse is a site of scientific and technological content that launched last year. The question that torments its creators is precisely, “What will happen next?” And to provide answers to this question, all the writers who work for Inverse are constantly looking for emerging ideas, new technologies and trends that boil down.

2. Mobcrush

Are online games your daily bread? You are the perfect target for Mobcrush. Founded in 2014, it is a mobile gaming platform that offers the possibility of continuous live streaming and, as it does not fit, it connects industry enthusiasts within the community. Broadcast, events, competitions and live chat, all in one click, with your smartphone.

3. Giphy

Giphy logo

image credit: Peter Carlson

All crazy for GIFs will know this one. Textual content is boring and we like the visual, but emoticons and static images have stunted us now. Here is a platform rich in content and tips to look for the right reaction to any situation: Giphy. Activated since 2013, it is increasingly taking off as a true search portal for animated photos.

4. Brebey

The onomatopoeic name recalls the sector of this Italian start-up in the field of sustainable technologies based on sheep’s wool. The novelty developed by Brebey is the use of Tecnolana, a set of woolen felt used in various fields to achieve a number of environmental benefits such as thermal insulation. Brebey’s further objective is to enhance a natural, renewable and recyclable product and promote its sustainable use.

5. Alodoktor

The founders of this platform, focus on the Asian market and rely on the increasing need for information on health, as demonstrated by patients. The goal of Alodoktor, born in 2014, is to provide reliable and easy-to-understand data to users, provide perfect nutrition tips, help them communicate with medical staff, giving them the ability to ask questions and act effectively in the area of prevention.

6. Belong

The Belong team favours and simplifies the encounter between companies and workers, to ensure that each team is best placed to achieve extraordinary results. By leveraging skills, experiences, aspirations and values, this platform, created in 2014, researches and identifies potential candidates for each job by leveraging the web and helping companies incorporate the best talents.

7. Cybelangel

First ranked at the Slush 100 pitching competition 2016, this start-up convinced us too. CybelAngel are concerned with computer security, themes that concern us all. Their mission is to detain those who use improper private business information and break the law by creating legal issues. To be able to do so, they analyse a multitude of data, even in the “darkest part” of the web, and set up warning systems for companies if private files are exchanged or disseminated.

8. Bitgold

BitGold logo

Online payments are lurking in wilderness, but we are not scared and we try to keep up. BitGold’s mission is to make gold an accessible and useful medium in daily payments. The platform, which can be recorded with 3 different profile types depending on your needs, allows you to invest, make instant transactions and sell gold on the net, with gain margins. For those who want to cross the border further, it is possible to send home gold in grams or ingots of one kg.

9. Voonik

How does one miss shopping during Christmas time? For fashion victims, but also for those who just need new inspirations, here is Voonik, a platform designed for targeted purchases just like a retail store but more focused. An app through which you enter your personal data such as body structure, skin tone, preferences and budget capabilities, and receive style tips at every opportunity. Once you pick the perfect match, you’re on your way to some shopping!

10. Opinio

And finally, to include the culinary category, we cannot forget Opinio, the indian food, wine and grocery start-up that deals with home deliveries. Through an app, receiving food or ready meals straight from home has never been easier. Not to mention the opportunity that the portal offers to connect users with restaurants, grocery stores, laundry services and pharmacies. Their motto, in short, seems to be “sated, clean and healthy”.


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