How to Maximise Your Office Space

So, you’ve just grabbed yourself a brand new office space and, quite simply, you don’t know what to do with it. So much room, yet you can’t think of a way to optimise it. Even if you think the perfect office is within your grasp without any elbow grease, there’s always something to improve.

Office space

Most businesses don’t feel as though they need to change much. Most will have everything they need, where they need it, at any time. One area that seems to cause a small issue is the warehouse.

The warehouse

Warehouses are usually full of space, but are only used for the function of deliveries and holding company stock. What a wasted opportunity.

Warehouse mezzanine

photo credit: Panel Built / Flickr

There is one way to drastically improve this underutilised space:

Go above and beyond

Introducing a second floor within your warehouse could open a brand new door for those willing to open it.

A mezzanine floor is certainly worth looking into. They look slick, professional and will maximise your space wonderfully. Invicta has over 25 years’ experience constructing – take a look for yourself:

Many will settle for the average workspace in the basement. But, with timely investment and a ‘go for it’ attitude, mezzanine offices are certainly a thought provoker!

The office

Your average office is bound to include the usual sacred trinity – desks, chairs and a kettle. But optimising a use for that awkward looking cupboard at the back of the room might be tricky. Here are a few ideas on how to get your office space up to scratch.

Busy workspace

1. Company colours

The easiest way to make yourself known is to associate yourself with a particular colour.

Think of Coca-Cola and the colour red will pop into your head. Ponder over McDonald’s and you can’t help associate those thoughts with the colour yellow. And there’s no way around it with Facebook – blue is eternally paired with their iconic logo.

When a client strolls into your office, it should reflect what you as a company are all about. A splash of your own company colour is always something to look at when decorating a space and can make the average black and white template seem 10 times better.

2. That cupboard

We all know it. Some will settle for keeping their dingy cupboard for spare computers and dodgy wires that don’t quite work, but worth keeping just in case. No more.

Optimise the space! Don’t settle –look into the structural foundations beforehand, but it could become a very handy office space.


The most important thing is getting the most for what you pay for. Office spaces don’t come as cheap as they used to, so investing a little bit more on something like a mezzanine floor can mean big things for the future of your business.

Can you think of any other ways to optimise your office space? Then let us know in the comments below!


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