The Importance of Persistence in Business

The phrase ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ is particularly appropriate in the business world. Persistence, and the willingness to overcome a wide range of obstacles, usually determines the fate of a company. Below are some of the main reasons why persistence is the most important characteristic every business professional should have.

Persistence business owner

Your Business is More Likely to Succeed

Many companies fail because the owners and the main decision makers in these organizations give up too easily and they are not willing to go the extra mile to make their business a success. However, the business leaders who face their fears and the obstacles that are in their way head-on, are the people who eventually establish and grow the most profitable, effective businesses.

Gurbaksh Chahal is a good example of an entrepreneur who has faced and overcome many difficult situations. His persistence and willingness to succeed has resulted in the creation of a number of companies and he currently employs over 400 people in 20 different countries.

You Find New Ways to Do Things

The market leaders in any industry are normally the types of organizations that are more innovative and enjoy taking on new challenges. The fact that these companies view any obstacles that stand in their way as a challenge, means that they believe it’s not impossible to overcome a certain business problem.

As a result of this way of thinking, these businesses are able to find new solutions and new ways to do things, which is not the case with companies that shy away from any challenges that are placed in front of them.

You Attract More People to Your Business

Most people like to be associated with winners and people who are high achievers. Demonstrating to customers, suppliers, business partners and other business associates that you don’t give up easily is a clear indication that you want to become the best in your industry and market, which also means more people will want to deal with you and your business.

It Leads to Better Individual Work and Team Work

The actions and personality of a business owner or the main decision makers in a company set the tone for the type of business culture that exists in a business. You have to become a role model in your organization. Showing employees in your company that you are persistent and that you don’t give up easily has the potential to make others more persistent, leading to better productivity and efficiency in your organization.

You Uncover More Opportunities

If you give up as soon as you face a particular hurdle in business, you could be missing out on a wide range of opportunities that present themselves after you overcome that initial hurdle. Some of the biggest discoveries, inventions and other breakthroughs have often taken place right after a difficult situation was resolved, so you should always be aware of this and that your next big opportunity may be closer than you think.

Your Business is Stronger

When you realize that you have the power to achieve whatever you want to achieve in business, many of the mental barriers that once existed such as fear will disappear. You become more confident and as a result, you and your business also become stronger and more robust. As a result, your business will be more likely to make more money, have more customers and prosper in many other ways.

Persistence is crucial if you want to succeed in today’s competitive business world. Once you are willing to give it your all to achieve your business goals, you will become a much more accomplished entrepreneur and you will be able to build a much more stable, profitable company.


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