Defined Direction – What Skills You Should Look to Develop When Entering the Business Landscape

When you started university, you didn’t necessarily know what exactly you wanted to accomplish. With so many roads from which to choose, a clear path is not necessarily visible right away. After a time, however, you concluded that you wanted to get into business after uni. Now that you’re closing in on a graduate diploma of applied finance, or a master’s degree in marketing, or whichever business path you’ve chosen, it’s time to consider the outside world a little more.

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If you do plan on owning and operating your own business after you leave our institution, there are a few different skills that you should look to develop. Our classes can teach you a lot, to be sure. However, there are some skills that will come from real world experience. Here are a few of the skills that you should look to hone as you start your career.


Leadership skills are difficult to teach.

The most effective leaders are ones who know their own limitations and who can motivate followers to reach their potential. A leader needs to instil trust with their employees. With trust and the right motivation, your future employees will look to you for guidance instead of with contempt. Developing your leadership skills will endear you to the people you work with and will make you a lot better at business in general. Good leaders are hard to come by.

Problem Solving

Along with leadership comes problem-solving.

These skills are invaluable when you are dealing with various facets of your business. Having great problem-solving skills means being able to identify the issue and propose solutions that can appease both parties to some degree. Resolving issues constructively makes a person a highly coveted resource in any business. With well-developed problem-solving skills, you can make a very good impression on whatever business you choose to enter.

Financial Management

When you enter the business world, you should have a good grasp of financial management. Your graduate diploma of applied finance will suit you well in this regard – if you have one. Any prominent business program teaches sound financial management to its students. With good financial skills, you can keep your shop’s bookkeeping in order. Your accounts won’t look strange to the ATO, your employees will be paid on time, your expenses won’t outweigh your revenue – there are many benefits to developing financial skills.


In our world today, being an effective communicator is more important than ever.

With strong communication skills, your business can place a focus on developing a workforce that can communicate within the firm, with customers, and with business partners. Sound communication skills are also imperative if you are doing business on a global scale. The last thing you want for your business is for a deal to crumble because of a miscommunication. Develop these skills to keep your entire operation in the know.

Time Management

This skill may be the most important to develop.

Getting behind in certain areas of your business can mean perpetually playing catch-up. This can wreak havoc on your productivity. Having great time management skills allows you to effectively manage your time and make the most of what you’re given. By sticking to some very basic tenets of time management – planning, multitasking, processing documents only once, and tracking your wastes – you’ll be able to keep you and your office running on time.

Develop Your Skills And Succeed

Just because you are finishing up your studies doesn’t mean the learning is over.

Practising your business skills will only make you a more coveted employee or future partner. Having a vast set of skills takes time and effort, but once you have them they’re yours for life. Keep working on these intangibles and they’ll help you immensely with your future career in business.


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