Improve Your Life as a CEO With These Tools


You made it to the top! You’re CEO, king of the castle and master of your domain. Somehow, this means even more work. Improve your life as a CEO with the tools below to stay organized and successful.


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As CEO, your time is valuable, and you need to be careful how you spend it. You don’t have the luxury of wasting time on inconsequential tasks, and if you find yourself at the end of the day wondering where all your time went, RescueTime is the solution to your problems.

RescueTime is an application you install on your Windows or Mac desktop, and it monitors everything you do on your computer. It then collects all that data into easy-to-read reports, using user-set categories (and some default ones) to intelligently sort your time into work and non-work hours. With these snapshots, you can find out where you’re wasting time. And once you know, you can better manage the one resource you can never make more of.


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Collecting accurate customer information is crucial to businesses in any sector. Your salespeople need to know who they’re selling to. You support staff needs to understand your users’ issues. Your marketing people need accurate email signups. To collect all this information efficiently and accurately, you can use 123ContactForm.

With cloud-based, enterprise-class form building tools, you and your staff can create forms to collect just about any type of information, from simple text to payment details. If storing user information is regulated in your industry, you can take advantage of 123ContactForm’s HIPPA-compliant tier. If you need information from your staff or customers, 123ContactForm can give you a way to collect it.

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As a CEO, staying organized is non-optional. Either you manage your workload careful, or things start to slip through the cracks fast. That’s why tools like Scoro area so invaluable for CEOs. Scoro is project management software and you and your team can use to get work done and stay organized, keeping control over the seemingly infinite list of things that need to get done every day.

Scoro’s primary feature set is robust time and dollar planning and tracking tools. These allow your project managers to create the detailed reports they need to successfully delegate tasks and stay on schedule and in budget. Scoro can also automate billing with built-in invoicing software and keep track of client relationship with an included CRM package. All that data gets wrapped up in useful, attractive reports, and integrations with third-party tools like Mailchimp and Google Calendar make that data work for you. Scoro provides the detailed and robust work management features that your staff needs to ship exceptional work.

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Maintaining a healthy information data is crucial for staying productive, informed and interested in the world around you. There’s dozens of ways to get your information, but many folks like to hear about what they’re interested in through their email. Unfortunately, this can lead to an unbelieve deluge of promotional emails and newsletters that you may or may not be interested in, cluttering up your inbox and drowning out important communications. reduces the load on your inbox by rolling all your email subscriptions into a single, daily email. First, it searches your inbox for subscriptions, prompting you to one-click unsubscribe from any newsletters you don’t want to receive anymore. Everything else is collected into a single daily email, to be sent at a time that’s convenient for you. This way, you get all the news from your favorite companies and websites without getting pummelled by messages and their attendant notifications.


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Good data about your business is crucial to the success of any CEO. You need to know what’s happening in order to improve and expand your business. But what if you want to improve and expand your own abilities? A habit tracking app like Momentum will be essential.

Momentum using a quirk of human psychology to support building new habits. Essentially, once you have a “streak” of progress, breaking that streak feels bad. By automatically tracking your streaks using an iOS and Apple Watch app, Momentum helps you keep track of your habits. You can set your specific goals, and then get reminders to achieve them every day.


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If you’re struggling to get the somewhat-messy contents of your mind or a meeting down into clear and useful notes, MindMeister can help. It’s designed to enable the clear and concise expression of ideas using mind mapping techniques. MindMeister is used by millions of creatives around the world, with desktop and mobile apps (and even an Apple Watch app) to support their work.

If you’re not familiar with mind maps, they’re a unique method of project planning and notetaking that relies on visual organization. By using a central point as the “header” and drawing connections to that point, you get a flexible way to organize information. This started out as a technique for students, but quickly found favor in the business community, where it’s use to create new products, organize brainstorming sessions and plan major events. In addition to MindMeister’s mind mapping tools, you’ll find project management features akin to Trello, helping you stay on top of tasks with a card-based project view.


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For more robust project management tools, ProofHub is your ticket. It’s an online project management tool that helps you and your team organize assignments by collecting to-do lists, files, communication, reports, time tracking and more within a single, always-available application.

ProofHub’s strength comes from it’s interconnectedness. Keeping everything in one place saves you the pain of searching through emails, text messages, Slack channels and intranet accounts to find what you’re looking for. Assigning tasks in a central location leads to greater accountability, and collaboration tools help your team work together more effectively. And storing working files in the same place means nothing gets lost. Strong communication tools and easy-to-use organizational options help you deliver projects more quickly, spending less time and person-hours on each task, saving money and increasing profitability screenshot

Every business is built on strong personal relationships. Regardless of your industry, you need good relationships with employees, thought leaders, influencers and, most importantly, clients. But it’s easy to lose track of people in the constant stream of emails you receive. can help you get a better handle on your communication and prevent messages from slipping through the cracks. It’s a lightweight set of productivity tools for Gmail that helps you better organize your emails with features like relationship summaries, follow-up reminders, automatic follow-ups, email snoozing, link tracking and send later. It’s a powerful tool for salespeople as well, letting you craft automated email chains that drive connections and build relationships.


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