The Right Broadband Can Make a Big Difference to a Small Business

It’s hard for any small business to operate without a reliable internet connection these days. From making yourself available to new potential clients to managing your existing clients through email, a broadband connection is undoubtedly essential in today’s business world. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know what broadband is best for your business?

Broadband cables

Choosing the right broadband for your small business can make all the difference, from costs to reliability during business hours. In this article, we will look at what different options are available and what would fit your small business needs.

Business versus residential broadband

If your internet service was interrupted due to technical difficulties, the speed at which it comes back up and running is very important to a business. Unlike residential broadband, business broadband often promises to have the best service delivery for your money. You can expect to have your internet service restored within the next working day in most cases. Some may even provide compensation if they are unable to get your internet running again in a timely manner.

Good customer support is essential when it comes to services provided to businesses. Business broadband will give you the best possible customer service. Customer services for business lines are usually available 24/7, offering its customers support whenever they may need it. In contrast, a residential line will usually only provide support during standard business hours. Queue times is also important when it comes to dealing with problems and a business broadband allows you to circumvent many of the average queue times experienced when contacting support for broadband internet.

Another benefit to having a business broadband connection over a residential one is that you will receive prioritized data usage. This means that during the times that a business usually operates, i.e. business hours when traffic is at its peak, a business line will always be given the best speeds. Residential lines often experience slow speeds during peak times of the day making it hard to view even a simple webpage at times.

Online security is crucial for a small business as they are most often targeted by hackers and people trying to get sensitive information from your computers. A business broadband connection provides the best in security protocols to help keep your information safe.

Furthermore, the business internet connection deals that you can get at providers that can be seen on Broadband Choices often come with a modem that is better equipped to handle all of the computers and traffic that are on the network in a business. Not only can business modems accept more connections but they come with better security for the Wi-Fi networks.

Finally, residential broadband internet connections usually have a dynamic IP address. An IP is a number assigned to your computer to identify it every time you connect to the internet. It being dynamic means that it changes every time you connect. Business lines usually come with a static IP address. This means that it does not change, unless you request a change. Having a static IP can allow you to host your own server, essential for making large data files available to clients, host a website or domain and allow for employees to access their work computer remotely.

Fibre versus regular broadband

Speed can be a concern when there are several users active on a connection at one time, as is usually the case in a small business. If there are just a handful of employees in your company, you will likely be okay with just a standard broadband that reaches download speeds of up to 17mb/s. However, if there are more than ten people actively using the broadband during the day, it may be prudent to opt for a fibre connection that can handle speeds of up to 100 mb/s allowing for ample speeds for every person on the network.

Fibre is, of course, more expensive than regular broadband over copper telephone lines but worth it if you need the best speed available.

By understanding the advantages of having a business line for your company can help you to make an informed decision on whether you need it or whether a residential broadband line is enough. Find the right deal today by discovering what the many providers have to offer.


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