5 Writing Jobs: Which One to Choose?

Once a caveman took a piece of coal and wrote vague symbols in the cave, the first writing job appeared. Nowadays, we don’t need a special guy to write all of the significant events, so the job of chronographer already jumped the shark. Instead, other jobs appeared. We will start our overview from classical writing jobs that were popular from the 20th century and move to occupations that are popular today.

Creative Writer

When we hear the word “writer” we think, first of all, about creative writers. Therefore, we decided to start our overview of writing jobs with fiction writers. Such writers create works of fiction of different scales, starting from short stories and finishing with multi-volume novels.

Many people think that a person can’t become a writer if he or she doesn’t have innate talent. The reality is that genius writers of all epochs were embarrassed by their early works. This means that they didn’t always rely on innate talent even if it existed, and developed their skills throughout their lives.

You should become a writer if:   

  • You possess a vivid imagination.
  • You are a persevering person.
  • You are fond of literary works.
  • You are ready to be short of funds for some while.
  • You have a strong desire to write books.


Fighting for truth and being objective — that is what it means to be a journalist. Also, this means getting up at 4 A.M. from time to time, working on weekends, and to be a photographer, designer, and psychologist — all in one. Typically, journalists start their career from writing informational content which doesn’t need analyzing. Only experienced and knowledgeable journalists move to the next step — writing analytical content.

As a rule, journalists choose one relatively broad theme (sports, politics, fashion, etc.) which they explore during their careers. However, each journalist is able to change the direction anytime.

You should become a journalist if:

  • You have strong analytical skills.
  • You are ready for an overtime job.
  • You can be objective.
  • You like staying up-to-date.
  • You think that justice is very important.


Commercials that you observe each day are the result of precise work of copywriters, art directions, designers, and many other participants of this process. Which role does a copywriter take in advertising? Copywriters are responsible for texts. When we are talking about texts, we don’t mean just texts that you can see. We also mean texts that you can hear in audio and video commercials.

A copywriter’s job varies from day to day. One day they have to create long texts, another day short slogans or a name for a new product.

You should become a copywriter if:

  • You have the skill to present information in a profitable way.
  • You can sell air to a stranger.
  • You are ready for much criticism.
  • You are a team player.
  • You are eager to earn much money.


A person who doesn’t know what bloggers do is probably from another planet. However, I am almost sure that bloggers exist there too.

Being a blogger is a very popular occupation now. This profession doesn’t require particular education or degrees. Anyone can write about something that is bothersome. However, not everyone can earn money from this.

Typically, bloggers earn money due to companies which would like to place advertisements on the blog. They choose those bloggers who have myriad followers. One more condition is that followers should be the company’s target audience.

You should become a blogger if:

  • You are self-disciplined.
  • You dream about a job with a flexible schedule.
  • You are ready for the constant search of topics to write on.
  • You are passionate about a certain theme.
  • You are eager to work alone.

Academic Writer

Academic writing jobs are usually popular among people who have experience in a certain sphere and are currently out of work. They complete specific samples for students so that students can deal with their homework more easily.

Academic writers complete diverse types of academic papers and write my essay for me as if they were studying at college or university again. This job fits people who need to work within a flexible schedule. Also, it is a good way to remember the basics of academic disciplines.

You should become an academic writer if:

  • You are eager to be a freelancer.
  • You are good at a specific discipline.
  • You are a responsible person.
  • You can work under the pressure of time.
  • You have strong researching skills.

That was an extremely short overview of some of the writing jobs that currently exist. If you are interested in any of them, don’t procrastinate and start acting! Find more about the job that you like and develop skills that you need for it!


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