4 Reasons to Use PDF Readers

PDF readers are now found everywhere no matter what type of device you have. They are lightweight softwares that let you read and edit PDF files. PDF readers – try Soda PDF or any other readers you’re interested in – is your best bet when you want to view, edit, share, create and secure content on any file or document.

PDF reader

Without much ado, here are 4 reasons to use PDF readers:

1. They Are Ubiquitous

It is quite common for a document to look strange when you open it on a different device than it was created on. The formatting goes haywire, and the whole document starts to look unprofessional.

It can take hours and a lot of hard work to correct the formatting, but there is no such issue in case of PDF documents.

Let’s consider Microsoft Word. When we create a document on Microsoft Word and send it to someone who is using a version other than the version we are using then it can create problems. The formatting gets changed and compatibility becomes a terrible pain. Such is not the case with PDF readers.

PDF readers are compatible no matter what version you use or which device you use the PDF on. The formatting stays intact and you don’t lose any piece of information when you send the file over to some other device.

2. They Offer Top Notch Security

The reason that many industries prefer using PDF files for documentation purpose is the fact that PDF readers provide good security. Unlike other platforms such as Word, PDF readers let you encrypt the content of a file, password protect them, give specific rights to specific people. Most importantly, PDF readers restrict from altering any document without leaving an electronic footprint while doing so. This is why many industries including law businesses trust PDF file formats than any other.

3. Transform Files Into PDF Files

Now that we know, PDF files are secured and easily to manage, it is of significance that you work on PDF files rather than on Word or any other file format.

PDF readers grant you the option to convert every type of file into a PDF file without changing the content of the file. The transforming process is very easy and the size can also be compressed when you convert them into PDF files.

You can manage several files at once, and save time as well.

4. PDF Readers Are Free Of Cost

While you might have to buy keys and licenses to use other softwares, PDF readers can be used for free. You can read full versions of your documents and even books on any PDF reader that you install on your device. However, some PDF readers may ask you to pay in case you want to use advanced options.

It is quite obvious why PDF files are so popular. Almost all kind of files containing word and even photos can be converted into PDF, so give it a try today and see the benefits for yourself.


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