Bright Ideas: 5 Ways That Neon Can Be Used As Effective Visual Marketing

An iconic reminder of bygone business marketing, the last few years have seen neon making a comeback in new and interesting ways. Neon is being used in more artistically-geared, creative ways than ever before, and it’s this new wave of neon usage that has sparked a “re-taking” of sorts by businesses the world over. Illuminated letters can now be seen advertising for extremely high-end restaurants, on the outsides of some office buildings, and in or around art galleries.

Kiehls neon signage

To find out how neon can be used as effective visual marketing for your business, read on.

1. Signage

Signage is a term that refers to the signs indicating the purpose of the building or business.

For a long time signage has been displayed in shop windows or on the outside walls of any larger establishment.

In more recent years, new and custom designs of neon lighting are making themselves known all over many major cities across the world, with more subtle designs being used to indicate the names of businesses, such as stylised lettering and images made of neon tubes. Neon signage is a great way to draw attention to a business after dark , with none of the hassle of a large, light-up board sign.

2. Business Cards

Business cards have long avoided the “neon” colour spectrum for fear of looking dated, but people are warming to the unique tones of neon in more recent times. Graphic design has been evolving for many years, and the current generation of designers are fearless in their use of previously frowned-upon colour schemes and designs. This attitude has lead to some innovative and beautiful examples of modern design in the business world, and a neon colour palette can be spotted on many of them.

3. Branding

Branding for your company is the best place to start introducing neon colours, as a muted red taking up a decent amount of space on your cards, websites, and buildings will lend itself nicely to muted red neon signs at your place of business.

This is just one example, but considering the array of bright neon colours, your options are hardly limited.

4. Uniforms

For workplaces with uniforms, neon can be a great option.

Brightly coloured and hard to miss, workers can stand out from the crowds of customers at peak times, making them easy to spot and easy to track down. Well designed uniforms won’t look bad in neon, so ensure that you pick a reliable and stylish brand to sport your neon branding.

Uniforms in fast-paced workplaces help employees to locate one another as well, making them ideal for retail positions, and different colour schemes allow people to distinguish between higher-up workers or entry-level employees.

5. Lighting

Finally, we come to lighting. Neon is best known for it’s lights, which still grace the outside of many shops, privately owned stores, international conglomerate giants, and everything in between. Interesting, individual neon has to be custom made, but as an option for lighting a room of a business, it’s surprisingly underappreciated.

A long, signature-like neon light might be used to illuminate a corridor to a bar of the same name, or an enormous bright circle of neon could encapsulate a circular restaurant, leaving the diners in a warm glow that doesn’t offend the eyes.

What’s important to take away from this is that neon is back, and more stylish than it ever has been before. Start preparations to fit out your business and get ahead of the curve today.


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