Choosing The Right Chemical Supply Company

Whether you are working within the construction industry, the mining industry, or the water treatment and remediation industry, you will need chemical solutions to do your job effectively. Finding a reliable supplier is important to ensure that you receive high-quality chemicals for your needs.

Chemical blending

It is equally important to find a supplier that will provide high-quality services like chemical blending, safe transportation, and bulk storage. Ideally your chemical supplier should have a level of service that matches the high quality of their supplies.

Chemical Blending

A chemical supply company should be able to produce blends following a client’s direct specifications. Chemical blending allows the client to remove themselves from a laborious process, so they do not have to make the chemical blend at their own location. A supply company will have the standard equipment to complete the formula, taking away a client’s worry about risks of contamination or exposure at their own location.

Doing the chemical blending at the supply company instead of the client’s location, means that the client won’t need to juggle raw material supply chains, making the process simple and efficient.

The chemical supply company CCC Chemicals is an ideal choice for clients looking to do chemical blending, because they have blend tanks readily available at all of their locations. If client partakes in chemical blending with them, their company website states that the client’s chemical formula will always be protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. With a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, the company guarantees that they will respect their client’s privacy and keep the formula confidential.


Choose a chemical supplier that can safely transport products directly to you. The company should have multiple dry vans and liquid bulk tankers available for delivery, and the transport drivers should be equipped with GPS tracking devices to make sure the products reach their destination as quickly as possible. The drivers should also be trained in TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods), because chemical solutions can be flammable, toxic, corrosive or explosive.

Bulk Storage

Chemical suppliers that offer bulk storage give their clients a safe and convenient option. If a client wants to prepare a product ahead of time, but their current facilities do not have the space or availability to store the product, a chemical supplier can keep the product in storage until it is ready for release.

The ideal supplier will have storage tanks ranging in various sizes for industrial mixes. The tanks should be monitored for inventory accuracy and have full spill-containment precautions for safety regulation and environmental protection. Bulk storage is an option that offers more convenience for the client— if they place all their products in bulk storage, they can save their time, energy and location-space for other projects.


If you require a chemical supplier in your line of work, you need to choose one that offers high-quality services along with their products. The best choice will offer services like chemical blending, transportation and bulk storage for their clients. These essential services will ensure that as a client you receive the most accommodation and support for your selection.


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