Let’s Bust Some Common SEO Myths!

If you’re just learning about the SEO world, you may find it daunting to try to sift through all of the information to determine what’s true and what’s false. Our friends at Kamil Web Solution, a premier provider of SEO in Dubai, bust some of the biggest myths about SEO.

Search engine optimization

Myth #1: If you’re not first, you might as well be last

Many sources will tell you that if you can’t land yourself a first-place spot on the Google rankings, there’s no point in using SEO services. These are usually the same companies that will promise you first-place rankings, incidentally!

The truth is this: As important as it is to get ranked as highly as possible, search rankings are only one part of a complicated puzzle. These days, Google also places other results on search results pages, such as local results, which means that that first-place ranking isn’t as hot a commodity as it once was.

Myth #2: Anyone can do SEO

In theory, you can learn how to do SEO yourself. However, effective SEO is quite tricky and complex, so to be sure you can keep pace with the competition (which is the end-game of SEO anyway) you’d be well advised to use the services of a professional SEO company such as Kamil Web Solutions, local SEO company in UAE. They can help you in various areas, including online marketing, PR, content creation, blogger outreach, and much more. Most companies don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to allot to all of these aspects of SEO. A professional SEO company does.

Myth #3: Your website has to be manually submitted to Google

This is both true and false. There was a time when search engines used to have forms whereby site owners could submit their URL to Google to be indexed. These days, however, this step is not necessary. Search engines are so sophisticated nowadays that it only takes a couple of days, if not only a few hours, for any new site to be indexed by the search engines. There’s no need for you to do anything!

Myth #4: Social media and SEO are not related

Before social media was part of our daily lives, the only way to drive traffic to a website was through traditional SEO methods, such as creating keyword-rich content. Nowadays, however, social media plays a huge and important role in any company’s successful SEO campaign. They can no longer be considered separate entities. The more you can get people talking and buzzing about your business on social media, the more traffic you’ll get to your website, period.

Myth #5: Usability doesn’t matter

This is simply not true. Although the usability of your website won’t necessarily drive traffic to your website, it will affect your SEO in another way. The more user-friendly your website is, the longer guests will stay on it, resulting in a lower bounce rate. Also, if your site is difficult for human users to navigate, it will also be challenging for the search engine crawlers to navigate, which could result in a lower search engine ranking, too.


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