Improve Your Business Email List Management with a Reliable Email Validation Service

If your business maintains an email list, you need to make sure that every email is well-validated; or else, you risk your business with potential security risks, wasted resources for managing spams, and many other counter-productive activities.

Email validation

If you’re constantly looking for the right email validation service for your company, I’m sure that you’re overwhelmed with the available choices on the web. Many wastes so much time just for looking for the right one for you.

In this article, we want to help you cut to the chase by recommending a service that we think one of the best in the class. Read on.


ZeroBounce provides top-notch Email validation services, which basically ensuring that your email list is well-maintained. Not only that, but the service also makes sure that you can learn as much as you can about every email in the list.

The service creates reports which give you the big picture of what your email data looks like, in such a way that you can use it for decision-making purposes. To make sure that things are even easier for you, ZeroBounce has an API, which means that it’s easy to integrate with other software you use for email validation purposes.

ZeroBounce report example

ZeroBounce report example – source

Why choose ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce claims to be the leader in email validation, spam, and abuse detection. But how do we know whether ZeroBounce is better than the others? The answer is pretty straightforward: It’s fast, reliable and secure.

The email verifier uses sophisticated encryption methodology for better email list protection. Technically-speaking, ZeroBounce is using one of the best CDN (Content Delivery Network) systems, backed by Cloudflare. To prevent data breaches/thefts, ZeroBounce offers an advanced DDOS and Firewall protection. To further protect customers’ data, ZeroBounce adopts a policy to remove customer data once it’s validated.

All of the above done ‘under the hood.’ What you’ll see is a clean list with emails that are well-validated, and ‘bounce-free.’ With the ability to verify millions of emails per hour, the service is provisioned quickly for you.


Here are some other features which make this email validation service different from the rest:

  • Detecting email abuse: ZeroBounce has a built-in email abuse detection, which will flag emails as spam based on the history of marking emails as spam by recipients.

  • Detecting spam trap: On contrary to popular belief, you can measure spam traps. ZeroBounce email verifier can identify spam traps, which can help you to get your emails whitelisted.

  • Show information based on IP: If you maintain registration forms, then ZeroBounce email verifier can show registrants’ data – e.g. country/region/city/ZIP-based just from their registration IP.

  • ZeroBounce email verifier can show personal information of email senders, such as their first and last names, locations, ages, even genders.

  • Detect catch-all domain: The email verifier can identify domains that use the catch-all feature (an email address is used to receive all emails sent to incorrect email addresses for a particular domain.)

  • Detecting temporary email accounts: ZeroBounce can identify temporary or disposable email addresses usually used to hide real email addresses.


ZeroBounce offer different pay-as-you-go email validations pricing plans depending on the size of your list, starting from the ‘a la carte’ plan, $10 per 5,000 email validations, to a plan for a big list with 1,000,000 email validations for $250.

The good news is, all plans include all the features mentioned above.


ZeroBounce’s fast and accurate email validation services cater businesses with any sizes of email list. Along with the use of world’s leading encryption methodology, you’ll not only get a reliable service, but also a well-secured one.

Just the thing any businesses ask for.

Enter DeBounce

Another popular email verification service is DeBounce. This tool processes more than 1 Billion emails per year and helps email marketers to remove invalid email addresses from their lists. Besides email verification, DeBounce also offers other services such as:

  1. Bulk Email Validation
  2. Email Validation API
  3. List Monitoring
  4. Lead Finder
  5. Data Enrichment
  6. WordPress Email Validation
  7. JavaScript Email Validation Widget for Forms

DeBounce screenshot

Besides the paid services, DeBounce offers some free services. It offers a life-time free disposable email detection API that helps you combat fake and temporary signups.

However, if you want to have a more complex validation engine, you can go for a paid plan. DeBounce has more than 1,000 positive reviews which show the customers are satisfied and the team really cares about each customer.


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