Andrew McCubbins and His Telemedicine Venture Helping Thousands Access Healthcare from Home from Salt Lake City Utah

Andrew McCubbins is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has steered multiple ventures into successful multi-million dollar businesses. He believes in going against the crowd. In second grade, he was selling candy to school kids and that is when he realized he had an entrepreneurial skill that he could use to make money.

Andrew McCubbins

photo credit: Inspirery

Like most successful entrepreneur Andrew McCubbins has a knack for identifying problems around him and using his entrepreneurial skills to solve them. His telemedicine initiative – Bronson Medical– was started after his seven-year-old daughter got strep throat several times.

He decided that the entire process of seeing a local medical provider needed to be simplified. One day when he was at the airport with his wife he found out that his daughter got sick. He arranged to have a pediatrician talk over the phone with his daughter while she was at her grandparent’s home.

In the process, Andrew McCubbins discovered that 75% of all urgent care and ER visits could be diagnosed over the phone. He knew there was no need to have children visit the doctor for three minutes only to be diagnosed and given an antibiotic before being sent back home.

That is how the telemedicine initiative Bronson Medical was born. Millions of patients can now get access to a provider for urgent care that can be diagnosed over the phone. Bronson Medical facilitates the process so that you don’t need to book an appointment or drive all the way to see your local provider.

His business is based on the simple philosophy, “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care”. Bronson Medical takes time to educate its customer on the benefits of accurate in home health care. The business started with a few employees and within a few months, there was more demand from their customer than they could handle.

Currently, his business has more than 1000 employees. The demand for telemedicine and accurate in home healthcare continues to attract more customers and provide convenient and affordable access to healthcare to thousands of people.

Andrew McCubbins believes that the healthcare industry has been broken for many years. He is convinced that entrepreneurs should use their skills to solve these problems. He has also been involved in projects to help communities across the world. From volunteering with a community center in Costa Rica to volunteering with the Operation Underground Railroad an organization that helps to rescue victims of child trafficking from all over the world.


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