5 Ways to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Our efforts to go green and do better for our planet do not have to stop at home. If you are a business owner, there is a lot of things you can do to make sure your office is as green as it can be.

Eco-friendly office

There are numerous opportunities to make your office eco-friendly, from switching to green lighting options, choosing recyclable materials for the furniture and supplies and others that will make your office environmentally aware. In this article, we are going to propose a couple of ideas you could implement towards a greener office.

Appoint a Sustainability Department

Choose a number of trustworthy employees to spearhead the sustainability team at your office. They could work on projects such as efficient recycling, help other departments make environmentally-friendly purchases and make sure all the appliances and cleaning supplies are eco-friendly.

This team could also educate the staff on the importance of going green. Hopefully, some of them might take what they learn home as well. In general, such a team would be much more effective than sending out memos nobody even reads top to bottom. Finally, this team could conduct monthly checkups to make sure that everything is running according to the predetermined regulations.

Conserve the Energy

Implement a strict rule that every piece of electronics should be turned off during the night. You should make your employees turn off all of the equipment via the main plug. If not, the person responsible for not turning the energy off should put a small deposit in a “green jar.”

Create Fun Challenges

What better way to motivate your employees than to issue a challenge. It combines the best of going green and having a competition for your employees. Some ideas for the challenge could involve not using plastic dining utensils or seeing who recycles the most. In return, award your employees with small gifts like gift cards.

Use Renewable Energy

Eco-friendly energy sources like solar and wind power are more available than ever. With that said, there’s no reason not to get solar panels on your rooftop. This switch could work for all companies, big and small alike. But eco-friendly energy efforts need not stop at the office. You could opt in for solar-powered parking lights instead of regular ones, as they are a very efficient way to decrease energy consumption as explained here: https://www.streetlights-solar.com/solar-parking-lot-lighting.html

Get Rid of Paper

This one might seem drastic for many companies, especially more traditional ones that may have not yet embraced the full potential of computers. But getting rid of paper is one of the most efficient ways to go green and benefit the environment. According to some experts, revisions and corrections to existing documents amount for 90% of all office waste. The most efficient way to cut paper usage is to switch to digital completely. The plus side is that it makes storage much easier as well, letting you free up a lot of valuable space. And with a good cloud service, all your files will be backed up and safe.

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