Small Business Management for Dummies

Managing a small business is not easier than managing a large business just because the word “small” is involved. Ultimately, you are still working with people, and people are an unpredictable variable of business.

Small business management

Effective business management is about more than finding success or pushing your employees to work harder. Effective business management is doing all of that with a crew of people who are fulfilled and content in their position with the company.

Whether you’re learning from the years of running your business or by taking an mba in strategy online, you know that there is no one “right” way to run a business, but there are a few universally “terrible” ways to manage. Take a second to read through a few helpful hints for small business management, and see how you can improve your management game.

Communication skills are essential

Communication should always be a priority. Invest in training yourself and your employees in the ways of communication. In knowledge transfer, especially, you want to focus your efforts on clarity, accuracy, and scrupulousness.

Being that business often involves the use of an array of different technologies to communicate, it is a good idea to train across all platforms. Not everyone is fluent in the current ways of technology. A quick training course in relevant communication platforms could be very helpful.

Consistency is a foundational building block

Practice consistency in every aspect of your small business management. Reward the same behaviors every time they appear, and in everyone that presents those behaviors. Do the same when it comes to negative aspects of performance.

Playing favorites or picking on someone in the workplace is ignorant and basic. The world has been in constant upheaval for generations over issues of equality. It is time we get the point. Treat everyone the same, within reason. Sometimes there are situational variables that call for deviance.

The good ‘ole pat on the back has not lost its power

Men and women alike still love a simple pat on the back for a job well done. Try not to withhold those seemingly small actions, as they can play a giant role in the success of your business. Reward hard work publicly, and present a small reward if it seems appropriate.

Be as transparent in your leadership as possible

Within reason, be open with your employees about aspects of your management decisions. Being a transparent leader is a great way to make your employees feel like they are a part of the decision-making process. Feeling included and informed is extremely important to people in general, so there is no reason business should be handled any different.

Listen and engage with employees

Though learning how to project and communicate your mission and management is important, learning how to actively listen is just as valuable a trait.


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