Equipment You Need When Remodeling The Office

As a small business owner, success and growth go hand in hand. Sooner or later, you realize it’s time for your office to grow, too. You may need to create space for more employees or an expanded range of products and services, or it may just be time for a refresh so your physical environment feels welcoming and current.

Office remodeling

Whatever your remodeling goals are, you need the right equipment to turn them into reality. Here’s what you need to get the job done.

Hand Tools

You probably already own some of the things you’ll need for your office remodel. Think about construction basics like hammers and screwdrivers, extension cords, safety goggles, ladders, tarps, and brooms. If you’re doing some of the work yourself, take an inventory of what you already have to avoid buying things you don’t need. If you’re working with a contractor, let him or her know what you have on hand, and find out how much you can save by providing some supplies.

If you own and know how to use more advanced equipment, like power tools, don’t be afraid to tackle some remodeling tasks yourself. It’s a great way to save money, and you’ll have more pride in the finished product because you put your own sweat into it.

Rent Equipment For Heavy Lifting

Big jobs require big equipment. Depending on the size of your office and the complexity of the project, you may need some major machinery.

Are you renovating the exterior spaces around the office? Think about renting a bulldozer and/or motor grader to create the landscape you envision. If you need to haul away old office equipment or building materials, you may need a dump truck or forklift. Installing lighting, updating HVAC, or doing other work at higher elevations? Rent a boom lift. The time you save by having the right equipment is well worth the cost.

Think About Technology

A remodel is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your office technology. Even if you think you have what you need now, you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead and preparing for what comes next. Give some thought to computer networks, presentation monitors, projectors, sound equipment, phone systems, internet connectivity, and security. Look into point-of-sale systems if that’s relevant to your business. And don’t forget about vending machines.

Put in more than you think you need — more outlets, more hard-wired internet connections, more phone lines. It’s much easier to add this critical functionality now than to deal with it once all the finishing is done and every change means either an exposed wire or a hole in the wall.

You don’t have to be in the construction business to successfully manage an office renovation. Think of choosing the right equipment as just another kind of resource planning. Take advantage of what you already have. Talk to your team members about what they need from you to get the job done right. Do some research to make sure you get the right tool for the job at the right price. Soon your business will be up and running in a space that’s ready to grow along with you.


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