10 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

There are hundreds of mistakes business owners make when it comes to running their own companies. They vary from the website mistakes to incorrect usage of effective business tools.

Statistics shows that most mistakes are very common and are made almost by 95% of all business owners. Recommendations to wanna-be entrepreneurs often include what they should do to become successful in their businesses, but rarely mention what they should avoid to do, although it is equally important.

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Today, we are going to talk about what we personally consider the biggest mistakes often made by small business owners. Avoiding these mistakes can save the business you are working on. This information is not applied to one specific industry.

The first mistake we’re going to talk about is protection of your company’s data regarding the Internet hacking activities. this mistake is very easy to manage. Almost 90% of today’s businesses and their banking operations are held online. But only a few take care of proper online protection.

What we recommend is the best vpns to be used by your company’s employees, especially when you manage your banking operations or share some data. We do not pretend to be lawyers or IT professionals, but having protection against hackers and cyber criminals is something that even those who don’t run their own business must have.

Other Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Business

Despite the fact that mistakes made by small business owners are a very extended subject area, we’ve tried focus on the most common problems applicable to virtually any type of business.

Business architecture

The absence of clear and comprehensive business architecture is something we can meet in every other commercial activity. The problem is that business owners don’t understand what the business architecture is and what the main components of it are. So, they actually can’t build a profitable organization. To make a long story short, small companies don’t understand the right ingredients, the right boundaries, and the right processes.


Most beginner entrepreneurs believe that having MBA degrees or something like that will immediately bring success to the company they’re running. To tell you the truth, degrees themselves don’t really impress the market. What is more important is the ability to use your knowledge and skills correctly. Don’t feel like your degree makes you better than others. Yes, having those degrees is very useful and beneficial, but using them for your profit-making activity correctly is what’s far more important.


Usually, not-targeted businesses tend to fail in a few months after being launched. Not-targeted offer reaches audience too wide, or aimed at geography too wide missing everyone in the end. The companies should focus on their particular customers, who are most likely to be interested in their products or services they provide.

Attractive offer

If your offer is not attractive enough your targeted audience won’t be interested in it (even the most loyal customers). We’re not talking about specific discounts or anything like that. It should be a unique offer, which attracts the customer and excites him. Customers should be interested in the offer enough to act and use your services or products, without prolonged considerations about whether they actually want and need this product or service.


If your offer or product is not comprehensive enough to be reached immediately, no one is going to accept it. The clients should never dig through the websites or other sources of information to find out more about your product. Make it as easy as possible. Make the process of getting your services or products fast, simple, and efficient. Few things irritate customers more than complicated navigation, unclickable links, glitching websites or tons of documents to deal with before they get to the service. They will probably look for somebody else who took care about their comfort.

Solving the problem

The next biggest mistake beginner entrepreneurs make is concentrating on creating what is already created. Be unique. Don’t replicate somebody else’s business model and idea. Identify a problem your business will be working on particularly, and offer a unique decision of this problem.

Being focused

Most small business owners try to focus on too many issues at a time doing all by themselves. They try to save money, and avoid hiring additional group of managers. But the reality is that you can’t run a business in its every aspect just on your own, especially, when the company is starting to grow. So, be focused on your main goal and task, allowing others to handle their part of work too.

Step-by-step process

Do not expect too much in short time. You’re not going to get a lot of customers overnight only because you have launched a website. Generally, launching the website is the easiest part. And the hardest part is to attract customers to visit that website and to buy what you offer.


The last but not the least is pleasure. A lot of business owners do what they do only because of the money they can get from this. But the opposite is true. You won’t be able to handle a business if you hate the industry and you are bored about your work.

Hopefully, these mistakes and recommendations on them will help you to run your own business a little bit better.


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