What are The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Certified Car?

If you are considering buying a used car for your business, then you might be wondering whether you should shop around for a privately-owned vehicle or whether you should stick to a dealership’s certified pre-owned model. The advantages of a pre-owned certified vehicle are clear; while they can end up costing you more at the start, the guarantee they provide you is worth way more in the end than trusting a third party who has nothing to lose by selling a vehicle with an invisible “buyer beware” sign on it.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO

Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars have to go through rigorous testing to ensure that they don’t have any unforeseen mechanical defects that can end up really costing you in the end. There are many advantages to paying the slightly higher cost to own one instead of just buying any used car, either from a dealership or an independent seller.


The biggest advantage to buying CPO is that they come with a warranty coverage. Some used cars are still “new” enough to come with a partial manufacturer’s warranty, but CPO typically has warranties that cover the car for longer and are more likely to include things that fall outside of the original new car coverage.

If you buy a newer used car and feel as if the remaining warranty is enough, consider the fact that warranties are usually calculated specifically by the risk that something will break down. Set at a certain mileage point, they usually end right about when wear and tear will probably surface and cost the manufacturer more in repair costs. That makes an extended warranty an excellent thing to ensure you are fully covered and to limit the potential that you have a “lemon” on your hands.

A warranty doesn’t just mean that if something minor happens, such as the battery dies, it is covered; it means that if the powertrain or engine should be no good — which can happen — your car is not a total loss. If you are going to go through the rigors and expense of purchasing a car, having the assurance that you aren’t going to be left without anything to show for it, other than a huge bill and an inoperable car, is well worth the additional cost of going to a dealership that offers certified pre-owned vehicles.

Better quality vehicles

The Original Applewood Motors Langley dealerships explain that if dealers are willing to put a certified pre-owned label on a car, you can usually safely assume that the vehicle is a cut above the average used car. A total and comprehensive inspection has been done from bumper to bumper by a certified mechanic that checks everything. If you want a car brand that is of high quality and has undergone a thorough inspection you might want to consider Honda. You can learn about the history of Honda and how they remain committed to meeting the expectations of customers worldwide. The dealership does not want to take the chance of tarnishing their reputation by selling any car that leaves a bad taste in someone’s mouth or costs them a whole lot in repairs.

Business cars

Also, cars that are CPO usually come with the guarantee that they haven’t been in any major collisions that have compromised their stability or integrity and can make them less safe for you to drive. They also have newer equipment like tires and brakes, which won’t leave you running to replace those little things that can add up within a short time of buying the car.

Breakdown assistance

Many CPO cars that you buy at dealerships will offer you perks like roadside assistance if your car should break down and need repairs. Not only are mechanical fixes expensive themselves — the tow to get the car to the shop is an additional cost that can really add up. Instead of having to pay your own membership for roadside assistance, many dealerships selling certified pre-owned vehicles will add the guarantee that your car can be towed to their dealership for repairs as a standard option with the purchase of the car.


It is not unusual for car buyers to get a little nervous about buying a used business car. Since there is no solid way to know what the car has been through prior to being sold, why the owner is really getting rid of it, or that the car is mechanically sound, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from a reputable dealership is an excellent way to get the car you want at a price you can afford, and not have to worry that you have just bought someone else’s money pit.


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