When do You Need to Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

Call handling is an important factor in the success of pretty much every business out there. When calls get missed, or a busy employee rushes a client off the phone, your reputation and revenues always suffer. Handling menial calls when you should be focusing on other aspects of the business also inhibits growth, making the need for a receptionist to handle calls essential to success.

Virtual receptionist

Virtual receptionists are fast becoming a popular option, particularly for virtual-based businesses, but also brick-and-mortars who don’t have the office space or budget to allocate space and resources for a non-virtual employee.

The business is getting call volumes you and your staff can’t handle

It should be obvious that when call volumes are spiraling out of control and you and your staff can’t effectively handle each call coming in, you need to hire someone to help take care of things. Virtual receptionists can handle a number of different call scenarios, including inquiries, common easy-to-answer questions, and basic message taking (Eg., a customer has a question about a product or service that can be satisfied with defined FAQs) which don’t require your immediate attention.

In such scenarios, a VR can take the call, satisfy immediate customer concerns, and either answer the concern or assure the customer that you’ll get back to them ASAP, clearing the queue. This allows you to continue on with what matters most to the pressing issues affecting the business.

Your business’s calls are straightforward (Ie., time-draining and painful!)

Consider the following: A customer calls wanting to know what your business hours are, or when you’re next available to meet with them and give a quote about the services you offer. Imagine the 5 — 10 minutes you’d have to spend on such a simple phone call, multiple times a day, in order to answer the question and make the customer feel valued and not rushed to get off the call.

A Virtual Receptionist could handle this and other call situations, make the prospect feel heard and valued; and either handle answering the question or let them know how important it is for you to get back to them. This will allow you to continue with the work that’s most important to you at the time and keep your business moving on an upward trajectory. Such service is invaluable to the continued success of the business — eliminating distractions, while keeping prospects engaged and feeling important to your business.

You have to or want to handle customers who speak different languages

Language barriers are a big issue in many areas worldwide. From operating your business in ethnic areas that house unique cultures, to global reaching businesses that want to expand their reach worldwide. Often times language can become an issue with call handling and overall success.

A virtual receptionist can take over this concern, handling calls within the multiple language barriers that affect the success and expansion of your business. It doesn’t matter what language your ideal customer speaks, virtual receptionists work with every language including Spanish, French, Indian, Asian and many other locales where English isn’t the primary spoken language.

Your business is growing steadily

Growth is always dependent on resources. If you can’t answer the phones and satisfy prospective and current clients, your business won’t last long. Furthermore, no business in history has ever grown when they can’t answer inquiries effectively. Customers want service now, they don’t care how busy you are.

In order to keep moving forward, you need to mind your prospects and current customers, without needless and constant interruptions on your end. A virtual receptionist can handle call volumes, reducing interruptions, and satisfy callers without alienating them. This will allow the business to scale and grow indefinitely.

You operate your business all or mostly online

If you’re running a business that only requires you to log in from a laptop, from whatever spot on the planet you find yourself currently, why weigh the business down with needless brick-and-mortar employees? Not only do they cost more, they’re often less effective in global-reaching businesses where being there for the customer 24/7 is most important.

You can manage your virtual receptionists and other virtual employees from a cloud based environment, without the need to lease office space and all the endless overhead expenses involved with such a plan.

Local talent is hard to find — or you simply don’t have the time

This cool infographic here can show you how expensive hiring new employees can be – and how virtual services can solve your problems.

New employee hiring costs - infographic

The cost of marketing, interviewing, training, and overall maintenance of a local employee can reach into the thousands very quickly. A virtual employee can be hired for literal pennies-on-the-dollar by comparison. Why spend all that time on classifieds and job sites looking for talent when there’s really no positive guaranteed outcome?

Virtual receptionists can be found on a number of platforms, understand the general expectations you’ll have of them, and are ready to be trained and employed immediately. Forget about traditions; virtual is the way to go when you need help instantly, and aren’t willing/able to take on the financial risks of hiring an employee that you have to provide an office space and supplies to.

Is it time to hire a virtual receptionist in your business?

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely the answer is “yes”. A virtual receptionist can help streamline your business so you can concentrate on growth and customer retention, without all the expenses that come with hiring full time staff. There’s no time like today to make decisions that will ensure the long term survival of your business.

Are you ready?


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