4 Benefits of Exchanging Old Office Furniture With The New Ones

Buying new furniture is always a thing of interest for all of us. Be it in the office or your personal space, there will be times that you will need to buy new furniture. We may buy new ones when the space you are working or living is changed. Or, you may think that it’s time to redesign your space.

Office furniture

Here are a few benefits while selling used furniture and buying new ones.

1. Office remodeling

When you want to remodel your office, the best thing you can do is selling or exchanging old furniture. You can get your office space updated with the changing trends in the furniture and office design market.

Keeping your office fresh and well-designed does good to your and your employees’ morale and productivity. Also, don’t forget your clients.  If your line of business occasionally require your clients to visit your office, remodeling may help in your branding endeavors.

2. Generate space

Another advantage in exchanging or selling old furniture is generating space. This means that whenever you want to create more space and make the place more accessible, it helps in more utilization of the space – especially when your office has limited sizes.

3. Get discounts and offers

Exchanging old furniture with new ones means that you’ll recover some value from your old furniture and use it to cut your expenses when buying new furniture. Unfortunately, this can be a hassle, as you’ll need to arrange two deliveries – from and to your office.

A better option might be buying from and selling to the same store.  In this case, you may get a further discount.  Another upside of doing furniture exchange is convenience; having new furniture delivered to your office and at the same time getting the logistic staff to take your old furniture with them is actually a simple idea that just needs proper execution.

4. Removing the clutter

There would be many unwanted furniture that clutter your office. You may not want it, but you don’t know how to dispose of. The best way to go about it is by selling those and replace them with the more compact ones – or even better, don’t replace them at all – chances are, you don’t actually need those.

If you need some ideas for decluttering your office, you may want to check out this LifeHacker’s post, as well as this LinkedIn Pulse’s article.


Exchanging of furniture, be it online or offline, has its own advantages. Since online is the trend these days, people are opting for exchange through sites like Urban Ladder. They have a variety of exchange deals available. They also provide delivery service for collecting the furniture straight from your office.


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