5 Ways Cloud Services Help Lower Your IT Budget

Cloud computing is the future. There’s no doubt about it. The cloud computing market continues to grow at a staggering rate, and just about every company is using cloud services – whether in public, private, or hybrid implementations.

Buisnessman using cloud services

So if you’re interested in lowering your IT budget and becoming more competitive in the modern business world, investing in cloud services is a great choice. Not sure how cloud services can help you save money? Take a look at this list of 5 ways that cloud services can help you lower your IT budget!

1. No Investment In IT Infrastructure

Investing in IT infrastructure such as servers and databases can be extremely expensive – and even in best-case scenarios, this equipment will likely have to be replaced every 3-5 years. This means that, compared to cloud-based systems, on-premises IT infrastructure is incredibly expensive.

In a cloud services model, the cloud provider buys and operates their own servers – and then sells you the computing services that you need, based on your consumption. This means that you get to benefit from advanced servers and hardware – without an up-front capital investment.

2. Lower Operating Costs

Purchasing IT infrastructure is only part of the total cost of on-premises computing. You also have to factor in power costs, cooling for server rooms, regular maintenance, IT staff required to maintain your hardware – and dozens of other factors.

Because of all of these factors, running an on-premises server is incredibly expensive, compared to a cloud-based system. In fact, a study by Sherweb indicated that most companies could reduce their IT costs by 79% if they switched from on-premises computing to cloud services.

3. Flexible Service Contracts

One of the biggest benefits of cloud services is that they are inherently flexible. You pay for the storage, computing, and performance that you need – nothing more, nothing less.

This means that it’s easy for you to purchase additional storage and power when you need it for large-scale projects. It’s as simple as getting in touch with your sales representative. And you can also choose to lower your IT costs by scaling back the cloud services that you’re using.

In contrast, on-premises servers are inflexible. If you don’t need the full computing power of a server, you still have to run the whole server – and if you need more computing power, you’re going to need to purchase additional hardware, which will cost you a pretty penny.

4. Lower IT Personnel/Administration Costs

Vancouver cloud hosting service providers, administer, update, and maintain their servers on their own, as part of their service package. This means that partnering with cloud services providers reduces the burden on your IT staff – and can help reduce IT administration costs.

When you choose to use cloud services, your IT workers don’t have to spend time on the everyday maintenance and upgrading of your server hardware. Instead, they can focus on longer-term goals and IT projects, as well as the day-to-day support of the rest of your employees.

5. Less System Downtime

Cloud services providers have reliable, modern, and incredibly redundant systems. This means that, compared to on-premises IT infrastructure, cloud services have a much better overall system uptime.

For example, IaaS cloud provider CloudHarmony recorded a grand total of 56 outages, totaling about 2 hours and 35 minutes – in all of 2015. When you partner with a reliable cloud services provider, you can expect uptime guarantees in excess of 99.99%.

This is a big deal. System downtime can be very expensive for your company. It’s estimated that unplanned system downtime costs companies in excess of $2.5 billion every year.

While some system downtime is unavoidable, using a cloud services provider can help you minimize your risk of serious downtime. In addition, cloud services can ensure that your business recovers quickly from any unexpected system outages.

Cut Your It Costs With Cloud Services Today!

If you’re interested in saving money, increasing IT performance, and becoming more competitive, cloud services are the best way to reach your goals. So think about how your company can benefit from cloud services – and get started today!


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