4 Ways to Optimize Your Business Landing Pages

Business landing pages need to pop. Consumers and clients are very picky, and who can blame them when there are so many options at their disposal? Statistics show that 81% of shoppers do research online before making a purchase, 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates, and 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store that was within 5 miles of their location.

These are impressive statistics, and one that really sticks out is that 78% of businesses aren’t happy with conversion rates.

Landing page optimization

It’s time to break away from this trend and make small changes to your landing page that can have a major impact on your sales.

1. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

The biggest mistake I see business owners make is not having a clear CTA. Yes, you can list your services and have a great landing page, but if you’re not asking your visitor to actually do something, you’re making a big mistake.

Take a look at this vent stack lining website.

Yes, there are a few changes I would make to increase conversion rates, but the company makes decent use of buttons and CTAs.

They include:

  • View Solutions
  • Request a Specialists
  • Call Now

A clear call to action isn’t enough. There are a few statistics to ponder:

  • Orange CTAs increase conversions by 32%
  • Red CTAs increase conversions by 21%
  • Making a CTA look like a button converts 42% more visitors

So, the company above has a red button, increasing CTA by 21%, and makes use of CTAs that look like buttons for an additional 42% increase. These are changes you can make to your own business website.

2. Dynamic Product Images

E-commerce site owners can make use of dynamic product images to boost conversions. High-quality images from multiple angles work very well. Using larger images helped one company increase sales by a staggering 9.46%.

You can also add in product zooms to help further increase conversions.

Customers want to be able to see every aspect of a product, and by adding in larger, zoomable images, they’ll be able to do just that.

3. Add Customer Reviews and Testimonials

There’s a reason that Amazon provides customer reviews: it boosts their bottom line. Yes, it also helps a potential consumer judge the quality of a product or service they may be interested in, too.

Marketing Land suggests that 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.

One study found that adding customer reviews right on the product pages for a watch company helped increase their conversion rate to 58.29%.

Testimonials can also add to the trust that consumers need to make a smart purchasing decision.

4. Follow the Basics of Landing Page Design

Businesses often get “cute” with their landing pages. Landing page basics need to be followed when conversions aren’t up to par. This includes:

  • Easy navigation and fast loading speeds
  • Bullet points to allow for easy skimming
  • Whitespace
  • Proper use of imagery
  • Use of complementary and contrasting colors

Your CTA, or at least one of them, should be kept above the fold, too. This means that it’s visible without the user having to scroll to view it. Following these basics can help a lot.

And don’t forget to A/B test your pages to see what works and doesn’t work for your business.


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