The Power of Anticipation

As a professional you experience a multitude of problems on daily basis.  If you don’t know how to handle all the pressure, then you’ll break. So, what should a professional do? Read on.

Thinking businesswoman

“Just try and be present” is something people with anxiety and stress hear an awful lot. It’s not bad advice, but it’s also a little vague. No one really says what “being present” means. If it means moving forward with your life even in the face of adversity, then that’s a good thing to tell people.

We all want to be able to close our eyes and just experience life as it is in that particular instant, but it’s so much easier said than done. If possible, take a few minutes every day to put down your phone and just look around you, especially if you’re outside. There’s a lot to see, and there’s a lot to do, and that leads us to another great coping mechanism: anticipation.

Having something to look forward to can really be a powerful motivator. We’re humans; we want to believe that there are better days ahead, that we’re never too old to go have an adventure or do something that’s a little outside the norm.

Build your bank account

Most people know about the stock market. It’s hard not to when you things like the Dow Jones Industrial Index are reported every single day. But it’s harder to tell what, exactly, the stock market is, and what the people who trade are doing out there.

There’s nothing wrong with that; the world of finance can be pretty intense. But if you want to be able to build for the future, you’re probably going to want to build some sort of investment portfolio.

The crew at Zhang Financial in Portage, MI, advises people to seek out unbiased advice. What does that mean? That means going to a financial services firm without any conflicts like a stake in the investment banking business.

A good financial advisor can help you find ways to invest that are safe, but not too safe. You want the right mix of risk and predictability in your portfolio. If you manage things right, you can retire based on the money you get from investing. That’s especially valuable in a world where pensions are disappearing and company 401ks are more of a joke than anything.

Fewer companies are matching their employees’ investments, which means those employees may have to look elsewhere for true financial security.

Getting an education

Some people love to go to school. They would be professional students if that were possible, but since that’s not, they go from getting a bachelor’s degree to getting a master’s degree, and then all the way up to a PhD. That’s nice for them, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

Plenty of people graduate high school and can’t stand the thought of sitting in a classroom any longer. That can seem like a solid idea at age 18, but not so much at age 28 or 38. By the time you age out of young adulthood, it’s easy to feel like you just don’t have the patience to go back to school.

Well, don’t sell yourself short.

Remember that good things are worth waiting for, and think of how great it will feel to get that diploma in the mail, regardless of if it takes two years, four years, or more. Places like Linfield College offer an online continuing education that doesn’t require you to ever set foot in a classroom. You can do your schoolwork after you get home from doing your work. Remember that every finished assignment gets you one step closer to that diploma, and that diploma gets you one step closer to advancing in your career.


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