Improving Your Potential: Here’s How CEOs can Reroute Their Life Toward Fulfillment

Most of us aren’t living life to the fullest – and While for many, the phrase “living life to the fullest” conjures images of enjoyment and happiness, in this article we’re going to explore ways to live life to the fullest–when it comes to your potential.

Studies show that individuals who make the most of their intellect, time, and bodies are often healthier, happier, and more content. It’s easy to start rerouting your life towards fulfillment, and it starts with unlocking your potential.

Professional development

Professional potential

Many of us wish for a better salary and a better position in our current field. Some of us may wish to get into a different career altogether.

If you’ve spent the last decade working a career you hate as a marketing exec, now may be the time to get an online accounting degree and pursue the accounting career you really want. A good degree is one way to unlock your full professional potential, but other ways include working on your communication skills, your problem solving skills, and your conflict resolution skills. These will all make you more attractive to your current employer and help you prove you’re worthy of a leadership role–and a better position.

Working out

Physical potential

The human body is capable of amazing things. From Olympic feats, to circus stunts, to ballet leaps, the physical accomplishments of some leave us with an open mouth. We don’t believe it until we see it–but our bodies are capable of outlandish accomplishments, if we only push them towards it.

While it’s too late for us to become olympic athletes, a daily workout will help improve our health, energy, and self confidence. Our appearance gets a boost, too. The more we make use of our body’s abilities, the better we’ll feel about ourselves.

Consider adding a thrice-weekly workout to your schedule, or even adding a boost with supplements, such as Superpump Max and the likes to start getting more out of your physical potential.

Writing a diary

Cognitive potential

You’ve probably heard it said that we use only 10% of our brain’s capabilities. While that’s a myth, it’s reminiscent of a real truth: we can all be improving our minds, every single day.

Many people go through life wasting their potential because they don’t realize intelligence isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something you achieve. Everyone has the power to become more intelligent than they were last year, as long as they’re alive. We often waste our brains, letting them rot in front of the television, instead of stretching our minds to be capable of more.

A great goal is to learn one new thing every day–keep a diary by your bedside. If you realize you haven’t learned a new thing that day, get up and open a book. Keep it simple; it doesn’t have to be complicated–although the more you invest in a specific topic, like math or psychology, the greater potential you have to learn more.

“One new thing a day” is a simple, effective way to start using your brain more and more.


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