Important Tips for Winning the Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account in strategizing to increase sales and boost profits on Amazon. Those who are well-versed in the Amazon marketplace always have this as a goal: to win the Amazon Buy Box.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box

Win the Buy Box?

Before anything else, it’s important to briefly discuss what the Buy Box is all about. Those who are new to the Buy Box will likely wonder why the phrase uses the verb “win”. It’s basically because having your products in the Buy Box is not as straightforward as some may think. You can’t buy your way into it. You can’t get it by simply having the lowest price. It’s going to be a struggle getting your product into the Buy Box. You need to compete with various other sellers and with Amazon itself.

Tips to Win the Buy Box

To win the Amazon Buy Box, remember the tips below. The Buy Box is rotationally granted to sellers but you can improve your chances of getting it by doing the following.

  • Ensuring Eligibility. First of all, you need to become eligible to win the Buy Box. This is by having a Professional seller account and a minimum of 2 to 6 months of being a seller. You must also have consistently good seller performance, which means you should have a history of successful sales, excellent customer service, and good customer metrics. You will know if your products become eligible for the Buy Box by going to the Inventory tab in the Seller Central, then going to the Manage Inventory interface and into the Preferences where you can find the “Column Display” section that shows the Buy Box eligible tab.

  • Competitive Pricing. You can have higher chances of winning the Buy Box if you adopt a competitive pricing strategy based on the landed price or the total price of a product including shipping cost. Again, you can’t win by simply offering the lowest price. You just have to have prices that are among the lowest.

  • Getting Good Seller Feedback. One of the factors that appear to be considered in deciding on who wins is seller feedback. That’s why you must always satisfy your customers. Respond to their questions promptly and properly address complaints.

  • Maintaining Inventory Levels. You can’t get the Buy Box if you frequently run out of stock. Be mindful of your inventory levels and restock as soon as possible.

  • Selling through FBA. One of the most effective ways to win the Buy Box is by selling through FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This means you will let Amazon handle the dispatching of your products. This does not totally guarantee your winning of the Buy Box but it significantly improves your chances.

Getting the Buy Box is very important if you want to succeed as a seller on Amazon. After all, around 82% of all sales on this online marketplace are through the Buy Box. It’s only proper to pay attention to it.


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