Make Your Business “POP” With Eye-Catching Displays

If you want to attract more dollars to your business, start by attracting eyeballs.

The products that get the most attention are usually the products that get the most sales.

Colorful store display

photo credit: aldask / Flickr

That’s right: whatever you have for sale, you’re likely to sell more of it when you grab your prospect’s attention with something as simple as an eye-catching “Point Of Purchase” (POP) visual display.

You know it’s true.

When you visit a store or shop, aren’t you more likely to spend time looking at products that’re attractively displayed? Might you not linger more at the counter where you find an attractive, informative, intriguing display?

The retailer knows that every moment you spend looking at an item brings you a little closer to buying it.

Whether it’s a sign, a banner, a built-in display, even a printed cloth draped over a countertop or table… any display that attracts attention is likely to offer “POP” potential to a business’ bottom line.

The “Salesperson” That’s Always There, Even When A Person Can’t Be

Suppose you are running a jewelry business, or even a jewelry counter inside a large general retail store.

Ideally, you might wish every person who walked up to the counter could receive personal attention from your most crackerjack salesperson.

But she might be busy with other customers at precisely the time a hot prospect walks up!

A great POP display can be just what you need to provide the prospect with information, answer his questions, stir his emotions… even inspire him to take out his wallet.

Jewelry shop display

And the truth is that some prospects who might be eager to purchase would rather not be “assailed” by a salesperson, anyway. For many introverts, for example, a visual POP display would not only be a good substitute salesperson… it could be the best representative of your business and its products.

And it never takes a lunch break.

The Modern POP Display: Far Beyond The Old “Sign By The Register”

Your jewelry counter (or other business site) could have an amazing, attention-grabbing display built right into the physical counter. It could be formed or shaped to create a little “booth” into which your prospects will be drawn and held.

Not so much a sign to be read as a pleasant experience to be enjoyed!

Absolut Vodka OOH advertising

photo credit: YouTube

And your display could move. Consider the impact a rotating display case, complete with attractive graphics and appealing messages, could have on your prospects.

A moving display can give the customer a moving experience!

What about LED lights? Talk about attracting attention….

LED signage

These days, a professional sign maker can create anything you’d need to attract your prospect’s attention… and hold that attention long enough to give your products the maximum chance to sell themselves.

You’re limited only by your imagination.

And the best sign makers offer in-house design and creative services… so they can even help you in the imagination department, too!

Get attention, get the sale. It’s often that simple. Think about the experience your prospects will have as they consider your wares… and imagine how the perfect Point Of Purchase display can add the extra “POP” needed to turn a little look-see into a happy buying experience.


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