When Your Small Business Should Start Using Software

As small business CEOs, we have to allocate our time and budgets very carefully. Many executives try to cut costs too much. As a result, the small business lacks the infrastructure to support processes that would unlock growth.

Businesswoman using business software

Needless to say, small businesses should continuously invest in a sound IT strategy. However, if you are still unsure of when to get started, here are warning signs that you should start implementing business software right away.

You Have Established Business Processes

Once you have establish processes for quoting clients, following up for payments or keeping up with the books, it’s time to start automating. These processes can include any repetitive tasks from accounting to human resources.

Take an inventory of all your current processes. Odds are, you will be able to find quite a few that can be fully automated with software. If you decide to go digital, management software will free up resources immediately and you business will save time.

You Are Making Decisions Based On Your Gut

Next, decision making could indicate a need for software. If you find that business decisions are constantly left up to ideas, guesswork or estimates, more data is required. Implementing a good business software allows you to collect data quickly and efficiently. The proper reports will change how your business makes decisions. Ultimately, it will lead to improved focus on the aspects that matter most to growing the business.

You Are Losing Sales That Fall Through The Cracks

Indeed, sales are the life-line of a business that will eventually require supporting software. At the moment, if your business does not use a system to track sales, you could be losing warm leads and potentials.

Your team needs a system to follow up with leads and existing customers to make sure every possible deal gets closed. Without the proper systems, valuable sales could fall through the cracks at any time.

You Never Seem To Have Project Done On Time

Even with an extremely skilled small business team, you might find yourself falling behind on project deadlines. Your team needs a solution that can help them collaborate, track their progress and stay on task. For example, Unim – project management software allows businesses to create custom applications to facilitate the completion for key tasks and milestones. Investing in this type of business system could have an immediate impact on your team’s productivity and organization’s ability to deliver projects.

You Have Inventory Piling UpWith Orders Pending

In most companies, inventory is critical to cash flow. If you notice that inventory is increasing, you can implement business software to track inventory. This will help identify what materials are needed and which products are being over produced.

With the right implementation, you could end up lowering your inventories, improving turn around time and increasing profitability. Surely, this type of software investment could also have a major impact as well.


For most small businesses management, it’s a great idea to start investing in software early on. Business systems help the organization work efficiently, lending the tools and resources need to get more done. If you notice that you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, consider implementing software to unlock growth potential for your small business.


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