3 Tips for Keeping Your Business Open During Construction

For many businesses, it feels like the stars have to align just perfectly in order for you to feel like your business is running successfully and that things are going well. And while this can happen occasionally, more often than not, all things related to your business likely won’t swing your way. Especially when there’s construction surrounding your business, whether it be through renovations of your own or road construction being done around you, it can seem like your business can’t possibly stay afloat.

Retail space construction

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your business to keep functioning through all the mess. To show you how, here are three tips for keeping your business open during construction.

Be Open With Your Clients or Customers

Before any of the construction starts, it’s a good idea to communicate with your customers or clients that there will be a bit of construction taking place around your business. Because of the effect that this can have on your ability to be easily accessed, it’s vital that you don’t try to make it seem like nothing’s changed during the construction. But despite any additional difficulties, Geoff Williams, a contributor to American Express Open Forum, suggests that sharing how the progress is coming and informing your public about how things are going on a daily or weekly basis can help your customers feel like you’re still worried about taking care of them even when times may be tough.

Keep Yourself Up-To-Date On The Progress

Not only should you try to keep your customers or clients informed on how the construction is going, but you should also make your own awareness a priority as well. Kay McFadden, a contributor to Inc.com, shares that you should spend some time each week seeing what’s in store for the construction in the upcoming week and understanding how that will affect you. Especially if things like the pavement in front of your store is going to be ripped up, you’re going to want to make and necessary changes when it comes to convincing your customers or any deliveries you’re to be receiving.

Save Up A Good Cash Reserve

To safeguard against any slow times that come as a result of the construction around your business, Intuit QuickBooks recommends that you try to save up as much cash as you can before the construction starts. This will help to keep your mind at ease regarding your finances even if things slow down during the construction. By having cash on hand, you will still be able to afford your expense despite any slow down.

If you have plans for construction around your business, consider using the tips mentioned above to prepare your business to remain open and operational at this time.


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