Trying to Keep Your Delivery Vehicles Safe? Check Out These Essential Maintenance Tips

The damage caused by car crashes cost American businesses nearly $230 billion a year.

Keeping the delivery vehicles you have safe is something you need to view as a priority. Neglecting to provide these vehicles with the care they need can lead to accidents occurring. For years, The Clark Law Office has handled car accident claims that are caused by fleet maintenance issues.

Delivery vehicle safety

Rather than waiting until a lawsuit is filed against your company to change your fleet management policies, you need to take a good hard look at them now. Here are some of the things you need to consider when attempting to keep your delivery vehicles safe.

Addressing Issues With Faulty Braking Components

In order for your delivery drivers to bring their vehicle to a stop, the braking components will have to work properly. As time goes by, the brake pads, rotors and calipers on a vehicle will begin to wear out. The longer you wait to change these worn out parts, the harder your drivers will find it to avoid an accident.

The best way to find out about the condition of the braking components on your delivery vehicles is by inspecting them regularly. If you are unsure about what to look for, hiring an experienced mechanic to help out is a good idea.

Keeping The Tires on Your Delivery Vehicles in Good Shape

The tires on a vehicle are the only part that actually touches the road. If the tires on your delivery vehicles are worn or under-inflated, it will significantly reduce the amount of stopping power they have. Teaching your drivers how to inspect the tires on their vehicle before operation is vital.

By making a pre-trip inspection list, you can give your employees the tools they need to spot repair issues. If the tires on a delivery vehicle are worn, you need to get them replaced before they cause an accident.

Pay Attention to the Lights On Your Delivery Vehicles

Delivery vehicles should have functional stop, tail and headlights. Without these lights, it will be hard for other drivers to anticipate the movement of your delivery vehicles. Replacing these lights as they go out will not only keep your delivery vehicles safe, it can help you avoid getting a high-priced ticket from local law enforcement officers.

Faulty Steering and Suspension Parts Are Dangerous

When traveling at high speeds, your delivery drivers need working steering and suspension parts to keep them safe. Worn out shocks and struts will usually lead to a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride for your drivers. If you or your drivers suspect there are problems with the steering and suspension on a delivery vehicle, allowing a mechanic to check it out is your best course of action.

These mechanics will have no problem inspecting and finding any problems that may be present. Once these issues have been discovered, the mechanic can get them fixed in a timely manner.

The money you invest in maintaining your fleet of delivery vehicles will pay off in the long run. A well-maintained fleet of vehicles is essential when trying to get your products to customers.


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