How to Double Your Subscription List in 2 Months

When you send an email to people, there are several things that matter to make them subscribe to your emails. Several things like:

  • Eye catching visuals and design of the email,

  • Content of the email and compelling messages,

  • Mass audience appeal and shareability,

  • Email signature, pop-ups and banners,

  • Frequency of sending,

  • Incentives that are given to the recipient.

What’s more, people sure do love free things. And if you can offer free courses or at least some small discounts or offers then it will increase your email subscription list within no time.

Subscribing to email subscription list

As a matter of fact, these are some basic tips to grow your email subscribers but there are many more to go. So, stay tight because this article will tell you about other ways that will help to double your list within 2 months.

Email CTA or How to Get People to Subscribe

First of all, if you want to increase the number of subscribers, the foremost thing is to make the readers click on the CTA (Call-to-action) button. So, here are some points:

  • Have a nice-looking CTA button – A strong, clear and nice-looking CTA can appeal different types of audience. As well, you can use new and different wording for the same offer as a new stuff makes people want to explore the deals.

  • Don’t try to have too many CTAs – Avoid too many call-to-actions in one email or too many emails with the same CTA – it is annoying and will lead to unsubscription. Before sending the email with CTA, you can send an email with such copy as “Coming soon”. This will create anticipation among the audience and can improve the clicking rates.

  • Segregate your audience according to several categories – Before sending the email and CTAs, segregate your audience according to the certain categories (location, age, etc.) which will increase your subscriptions accordingly. If you send emails to the person who doesn’t need the promoting product or service then he/she will not probably subscribe, click on the CTA button or link and look at the next emails – even if that emails contain relevant information.

How to Double Your Email Subscriptions

Well, once you get your audience to get clicking on the CTA button, increasing number of subscribers is not a big deal. There are two key aspects to do this which include persistence and good content. If followed properly, these tips will act as a machine to increase your subscriptions on a daily basis.

Read on for detailed information about increasing subscribers.

  • Irresistible offers – as already mentioned before, when you offer irresistible offers and provide incentives to your audience, it will definitely lead to more subscriptions.

  • Be honest – when you offer incentives and free stuff, make sure you really fulfill what you promised. Otherwise, your audience will be unsatisfied and fake marketing is never good.

  • Appealing and not annoying – as already discussed, don’t send too many emails in one day or within the same week. Make your emails appealing with some images or videos but not too many to promote anything.

  • Good service is the key – marketing cannot help unless and until the services or products provided by the company are good and useful enough.

  • Real reviews – sometimes when you provide an email or a link in the email about some real positive reviews, that also help to attract people.

  • Create social media pages – you need to create and continuously update social pages which will improve the opening rates of emails and in turn, your subscriptions go up.

To summarize, we would like to say that emails are still the best and authentic platform to advertise or promote something. Many followers on your Facebook page does not automatically mean a high number of subscribers but emails can ensure that.

However, remember that social media pages can be added under the email signature in the banner. Also, it is advisable to have a good email signature made by professional signature generator like NEWOLDSTAMP, for instance. This signature generator can be found online for free.

So, keep calm, follow the rules and see how your subscribers going high within 2 months!


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