4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Law Firm

Before you hire a legal firm to represent your business, it’s important to establish whether they’re suitable. Your decision is largely based on your circumstances, alongside the proficiency of the firm in question.

Choosing a law firm

To learn about a legal firm’s success, you can start with a simple Google Search including your geographic location. For example, if you live in New Jersey you’d google for Law Firm New Jersey. From here you can evaluate various customer testimonials and success stories to help you narrow things down.

To find out whether they’re a good fit for your company, it’s important to ask the right questions. You can learn a lot from the answers given by people who represent the legal firm, but what questions should you ask? It’s a process that requires due diligence, because you’ll want to select someone who gives you the best chance of a successful outcome. If you’re filing legal action and have insurance, it helps to use claims management software. This is ideal for insurance carriers who want to manage their books of business. Working with a reputable third party makes things easier because agents have great control over the claims process.

If you’re wondering what questions to pose when selecting a legal firm, this article serves as a collection of great examples. These stretch from inquiring about their previous clients, to learning about their specialisms.

Can I Speak With Your Former Clients?

A good legal firm will have no problem sharing their client history. Full transparency will prove they have nothing to hide, and are happy for you to contact previous clients who will give a glowing review of their experiences. You can ask for the names of three clients the firm has provided services for. Once you’ve contacted them, you can ask questions regarding quality of work and the outcome of their case. Firsthand accounts of dealings are probably the most accurate indicator of a legal firm’s ability to represent your case.

What Is the Ideal Outcome of My Case?

Assuming you’ve narrowed your pool of legal firms to two or three, your next step is to ask about the best possible outcome for your case. Your research should have given you a rough idea of your chance for a successful result, but seeking validation will allow you to assess whether the lawyer has listened to your pitch. If so, they’ll know what you want the outcome to be and will respond in a way that instills confidence in your case. You can consequently gain an understanding of how they intend to approach your legal matter.

What Can You Tell Me About My Company?

A good lawyer will have researched your company to understand how to best approach your case. If a firm can’t tell you much about what your company stands for, you probably need to keep looking. One of your main goals is building a legal team who understands your vision and direction. If they don’t, it will be difficult to align your aspirations with theirs.

Are You Familiar With My Industry?

If the legal firm is familiar with your industry, they can provide added value with credible legal advice. They’ll be positioned to provide benchmarking data, and be better equipped to represent your case with specialist knowledge to help you reach a positive outcome.


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