Top Considerations for Mobile App Development for SMBs

Smartphones are an essential tool in most people’s day to day routine.  Have to keep organized? Use your calendar app. Need to get to a meeting across town?  Drop the location in your GPS app and head off. Trying to find the best local eatery? Hit up Yelp.

The bottom line is consumers’ smartphones are their modern-day Yoda.  It’s the first place they turn to make a decision. And, this is precisely the reason why your SMB cannot afford to be without a branded mobile app.

Mobile app development

Mobile apps create a virtual relationship between an SMB and its customers. That is if you structure and build your app correctly.

To capitalize on what mobile has to offer, you have to make sure you build your app so that it simplifies something for your customers while adding value to your business.  Ask Starbucks how mobile has revolutionized their company so that it saw 36% of the coffee giant’s revenues.

So, what does your business need to consider when it comes to developing its mobile app?

Choose an Affordable App Development Solution

Years ago, the cost of building a custom app could have set a business back a hundred thousand dollars or more.  But today that’s not the case. A quick Google search will turn up dozens of app builders.

What sets a quality app building company apart from an average app builder is a marketing team.  Getting your app built is easy for app developers. But, an app building agency who will help you market your app is vital.  After all, your app is an influential marketing tool, so getting it onto the phones of your customers is essential.

Be Sure Your Brand is Easily Recognized.

Like any piece of marketing material, your app’s job is to strengthen your brand.  For that reason, you need to make sure your mobile app’s logo and design amplify your brand.

Remember, your app will solve problems for your customers.  But, it is a marketing tool for your SMB. For that reason, you need to make sure that it is well-branded.

Build a Loyalty Program

Every small business owner knows the importance of customer retention.  In fact, existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product your company launches.  And, to top that off, they spend 31% more money.

A loyalty program that offers mobile app customers exclusive deals or specials says, “We value you.”  Everyone loves discounts, and with mobile, there is no need to use those antiquated punch cards.

When you turn your loyalty program into an app feature, you encourage people to download your app.  This, in turn, gives you a direct line of communication with your customers.

Considering that people check their phones between 50-75 times a day, your app’s loyalty program has just created a free marketing channel for you to send push notes.


Even Google understands that the future is in mobile.  So, the question isn’t, should my SMB build an app. The questions are:

“What does my SMB have to do to make the best mobile app?”

“What do I need to consider before building an app?”

As we discussed, what you need to consider are a few things.

First, choose app development company help you market your app.

Next, make sure your app boasts your brand.

Last, make sure you have a strong loyalty program so that you can open up marketing channels.

By following these three simple pieces of advice, your SMB will be well underway to compete in this new digital market.


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