How Social Media can be Harnessed to Monetize Your Web Presence

A web platform is one of the most crucial aspects underlying any modern organization’s operations. This provides your connection with the outside worlds; your communication hub where you keep in touch with stakeholders at every level.

Monetizing website presence

Depending on the scale of your enterprise, your web presence might be a dynamic site, encouraging thousands of individual visits per week, or it could be a single-page blog aimed at disseminating pertinent information on a regular basis. But no matter how efficiently your website is providing the digital pulse running your business, it could be doing so even more pointedly.

How so?

You could monetize that web platform. And the most straightforward and convenient way to do this? Add an affiliate marketing stream to your bow and use social media to enhance your affiliate marketing endeavor.

Here’s what you have to do.

Choosing a product

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that, with a degree of foresight, it is perfectly feasible to incorporate this business model with your existing one.

Affiliate marketing can be easily described as a method of third-party product promotion. What this entails is that a retail organization – and this could be anyone from your local hardware store to Amazon – offers various products for sale. These items comprise an affiliate program that a marketer or entrepreneur can sign up to promote. Once they have decided which particular products or services to run with, they sign up to the program and are issued with code which the marketer can then post onto their website.

If you can choose a product or service that ties in with your existing subject matter, then you have effectively stumbled upon a win-win scenario. It costs nothing to signup to these programs and your only responsibility is to channel potential customers towards those all-important hyperlinks. You are not concerned with having to replenish stock, nor do you have any direct dealings with customers at all.

Depending on the actual product you signed up to promote, the amount of income you can generate can be lucrative indeed. You will be paid on a commission basis, which is ample encouragement to ensure you streamline your own existing business to incorporate this affiliate aspect.

Using social media to harness content

The key to cracking affiliate marketing is to regard it, not as a form of advertising for its own sake, but as a by-product of whatever it is you are blogging about anyway. Once you have got your head around this aspect of the business model, you can see how effective social media would be.

Your web content, whether that’s your website or the associated social media platforms, must contain articles which are well-written and guaranteed to attract the attention of site visitors. Like any other website content, articles need to be strongly seeded with SEO keywords to attract customers.

But once you begin to post articles about the affiliate products, you can utilize the power of social media to spread the word, inviting your customer base to try this site. Ensure your product reviews contain share functions so your existing readers can spread the message to their own circle of colleagues.

You can harness the power of social media to do your own promotion. An easy way to accomplish this would be to purchase a copy of the product yourself and create a small film by way of reviewing its use.

Once you post this onto social media, you can convey the message that this that what you are advertising is so much more than just a random series of hyperlinks: you have a product which is exciting and will be of benefit to the user. Because it is relatively straightforward to set up this scenario you could sit back and watch the turnover increasing on a monthly basis.


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