5 Reasons to Take Business Letterhead Printing Seriously

A few folks are still skeptical about the role of custom printed materials such as letterhead and stationery for their business. In their mind business letterhead, printing is not much more than window dressing — something nice to have, but not an essentially critical part of your business.

Business letterhead examples

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It’s almost like arguing that brushing your teeth is a good thing, but not really essential to for day-to-day living – it can be true, but why would you want to not brush your teeth? Not only will you be a social pariah, but you will risk developing serious health issues in no time.

In the same way, having professionally designed and printed business letterhead may not be especially important to the core function of a business, but it can mean everything for helping it attain the goals it wants in a sustainable and healthy manner. Here are just five reasons professional business letterhead printing should be in your immediate future.

1. They inspire confidence in your business

Your letterhead is a stand-in for your business. When people see professionally designed and printed letterhead, they have reasons to believe that the other parts of your business are meticulously managed and professional as well. The need for good letterhead is not any different from the need to keep your office tidy for visitors or the need to put on a nice set of clothes for an important meeting. If your business is able to deliver, you should, by all means, do what you must to look the part, and that includes having good letterhead.

2. Good business letterhead gives weight to your message

Email, Skype, text messages, and other forms of electronic correspondence have made the world a much small place. However, the convenience of these mediums comes at the cost of the kind of warmth and gravitas only print materials can deliver.

There’s no way around it – important correspondences need letterhead. Serious office memos, legal statements, thank you letters and other messages where sincerity is key requires the use of custom business letterhead to emphasize their importance. Using letterhead will make your message feel more permanent and real, as opposed to the somewhat abstract ones and zeroes that make up an email.

3. People actually keep nice letterhead

Nearly everyone has a drawer stuffed full of nice letterhead and letters from friends and businesses alike. If you create a letterhead design that catches someone’s fancy, they’ll have it in their possession for years to come, remind them of when you came into their life every time they open up that drawer.

4. Business letterhead spreads your brand

Having branded letterhead on hand allows you to share your contact details and even your brand’s mission and aspirations with every memo or invoice sent out. Every billing statement becomes a statement of your business’s values and commitment. Plus, it makes you much easier to reach, which is a good thing.

5. They can make a small company look like a big one

This is somewhat related to the first point, but it deserves its own place. A lot of small businesses neglect to print custom letterhead because they don’t feel that they’re big enough to need it. On the contrary, having well-executed letterhead can make your business appear several times bigger than a competitor with an inferior letterhead. This impression can very well be the impetus for a client to stay on. Somewhat unintuitively, this makes creating custom letterheads even more crucial for small enterprises.

So, there you go – five reasons you should rethink about your business letterhead.  Now over to you: What do you think of business letterheads? Do they matter much to your business? Please share your thoughts.


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