How to Start a Blog in College

Whether it is a blog about college or not, many college students have recently seen starting a blog as a good idea. Many people who order custom essays are doing so for their blogs, because the dame time constraint swhich work with their actual education also apply here.

College blogger

Having a blog in college means another opportunity to learn how to write, and to do so in a much wider context than might otherwise be afforded by their education. A college student blog is a way of sharing how you see the world and yourself, and it can be a valuable tool for showing how college students grow and change through their various experiences.

Reasons Why you Must Start a Blog in College

1. It tells people about you

A blog is almost like a history of you. Many people use them as diaries, although they can be used for other purposes (which is where and other sites come in), and people who are looking for them on the internet can often use blogs as examples of why someone would be a good fit (or not).

A blog is a way of showing your writing skills, and also of showing how they are improving –so it is very useful for anybody asking why should I blog? To consider this.

2. You can teach people new skills

One way of getting traffic to your blog is to teach people about things – people tend to use the internet a lot nowadays to search for information and tasks. If you can get people to come to your blog for your knowledge, then you will have a constant stream of visitors.

The skills you can teach through a blog are growing all the time thanks to the growth of multimedia online; you can use all kinds of different mediums to pass on your skills.

3. Become an expert

This ties into the teaching people new skills area, but it goes deeper than that. If you find an area or subject which has not been discussed much yet in the blogosphere, then you can take advantage of that

If no one else has discussed anything to do with the particular subject you have chosen, then you can take the opportunity to set yourself up as the original and the best, even if somebody else comes along later in the same subject. Being an expert makes your blog relevant to specific groups of people.

Blog Ideas for College Students

Blog ideas for college students covers a huge range of topics, because the blogs that college student write can be on almost any topic. This is particularly the case if and when students choose to become an expert on any given topic, and share their knowledge with whoever wants to read it.

Ideas surrounding college itself include:

  • What did you have trouble with at first in college?
  • Did you join or create any clubs on campus? Could anybody else get into it?
  • Did you have any hobbies to yourself at college? Did they help you relax?
  • Do you have a lot of ability when it comes to studying? Can you share your abilities with other people?
  • How do you keep yourself organised with all your college work? Can you share your abilities with other people?
  • Are there skills that you think all college students should have?
  • What have you learned outside of a classroom that was useful in college? Will this be useful throughout your life as well?
  • Can you teach people skills that they will need for college and life beyond?

Ideas surrounding other subjects include:

  • Can you add anything valuable to an ongoing subject? Do you have knowledge that can be shared?
  • Do you have the ability to set yourself up as an expert in any particular field? Is there something that you know that no else seems to know?
  • Can you contribute to a base of knowledge in some way?
  • Can you use your blog to network in some way? Can this be leveraged to help you or others after you have finished college?
  • Can you write about what skills and talents will be needed after college?
  • Do you know how to leverage what is available in college for a better chance at a job afterwards? Can you share that knowledge with other people?


There are many reasons why a blog is a good idea for a college student. It can help them improve their writing, and also leverage them some help for beyond college, when they are looking for a job. This article was only concerned with the minimum of college blogging, but there is a lot of information available online for anyone who is interested in looking further.

Hopefully, this article has given anybody who is interested in such a subject a good stepping off point for anybody who wants to look deeper into the subject matter.


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