How Retailers Use Business Intelligence to Turn Data into Dollars

What is Business Intelligence and Why is it Important for Retailers?

Developing business strategy for decision making using BI reports

Business intelligence, also called BI, or analytics, is an umbrella term referring to the numerous tools in place for collecting, analyzing, and presenting business data. Numerous modes of technology, including applications, can be implemented in the capture of this valuable information. With accurate BI, retailers get to see the current state of business operations.

Business intelligence is important for retailers because it offers a new perspective on the big picture. For instance, BI can be used to prevent fraud and stop revenue loss early thanks to verifiable data trends. BI can also help teams make better decisions when it comes to retail purchases and allocations.

Since BI is the product of an automated process, it lets teams find things they might not even be looking for. Certain exceptions or trends are detected and brought to the team’s attention before a seemingly small issue becomes something that can’t be easily managed.

How Can Business Intelligence Data be Used as a Tool for Revenue?

Business intelligence offers a beautiful pairing of data and content that can boost your bottom line. While retail companies often experience fluctuations in revenue for various reasons, business intelligence software helps pinpoint those trends, define them, and create solutions. BI systems find the data that’s important, gather it for in-depth analysis, and report based on the analysis made.

Perhaps one of the most valuable ways that business intelligence is used as a tool for revenue is through its ability to monitor trends over time. By catching trends early and monitoring day to day fluctuations, business intelligence systems can become more fluent and more effective in their role of finding trouble areas and turning them around.

What are the Benefits of Business Intelligence Software?

Business intelligence software allows you to leverage your resources so that you can focus on what’s important – e.g., growing your business.

In retail, BI software like Mi9 Retail Business Intelligence Software keeps you in the know about your customers’ shopping habits while tracking the current trends in the process – all from a single interface. Some BI software packages are even delivered as SaaS, which means that you can access the software anytime, anywhere – giving you much-needed mobility.

So, what are the benefits of using BI software in retail?

  • Understand what customers really want, so that you can strategize the right course of action.
  • With real-time analytics, you can implement retail tactics quickly, which allows you to be responsive to demands.
  • Responding to customers’ needs and wants means higher customer loyalty and better margins.
  • Everyone in your retail company, from the sales floor to the management suite, can learn from the information provided by the software, giving you a more informed workforce that can impact positive change.


As a retailer, you understand the value of satisfying your customers, and you also understand the value of retail big data. If you find that you aren’t sure what comes next, then using BI software is a great way to give you the visibility needed to optimize your business.

At the end of the day, if you’re serious about putting data to work in the best way possible for your retail company, then turning to your trusted BI software could put you on the fast track to customer engagement and a better bottom line.


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