How an Organic Search Campaign can Take Your Website to the Next Level

Your online success is a function of many factors. One of such factors is relevance. Do you deliver the product or information that the market demands?

Organic search tips

But relevance is one thing that many websites can target, especially that there are keyword search tools around that help content creators choose the right topics. There is still a need to rise above the noise, and there is no better way to do this than to aggressively promote your page or website.

Google offers pay-per-click (PPC) options. In this method, you specify which keywords you want to target. You then create a short ad that bears a link to your page. Google will then flash this ad to a random user who keys in the word that you specified. As the name suggests, you pay Google for every user who clicks the ad and lands on your website.

Then there is good old organic search engine optimization wherein the page itself is painstakingly made search engine-friendly and then allowed to mature into a juggernaut. Here, there is the careful use of keywords. This way of promoting your website demands a lot of conscious work, but it sure has its benefits. Some are outlined here.

Organic search campaigns are free

SEO campaigns can be done without you spending a cent. You just need to have the time and resources to do the content creation and content promotion yourself. Keyword research tools, Google docs, and the Internet are basically accessible to you. These are practically all the tools you need to create good content. Gmail is also there to take care of your most basic link building and other content promotion needs.

Of course, you can choose to save yourself from the hassles of those tasks and just have SEO practitioners take care of them. They will not only produce professional content for your website; they will also work hard to distribute your links to as many places as possible.

Ads can trigger aversive responses. Luckily, organic campaigns don’t make use of them

The links that appear in a PPC campaign are basically ads that intrude into the user’s organic experience. Millennials have been found to be very aversive to ads. When they are on social media or in a search engine, they want to be always in control of the information that they see. They resist any form of communication that tells them what to think or do. Given this, PPC ads that just appear on top of otherwise organic search results have a high chance of being ignored.

Organic search results have better conversion rates

The majority of people using the Internet today are millennials who grew up fully attached to the digital world. For sure, they know a thing or two about how search engines work. So when they see an ad on top of search results, they will most likely understand that someone paid Google so that the ad will be there.

It is construed as an artificial ranking, and not really a result of legitimate user interaction. Hence, they have the tendency to ignore the ad. It is precisely because of this that organic results have better click-through rates than paid ones.


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