Companies That Offer Online Title Loans With No Credit Check

Title loans are secured short-term loans available to car owners. The vehicle used as collateral should not have a lien on the title. In other words, the vehicle or car should not have an unpaid auto loan.

Online title loans

Title loans are provided by private lenders. The title is used as the security but the borrower gets to keep possession of the car or vehicle and continues to use it as long as the loan gets repaid on time. There are many private lenders offering title loans but not all will do so without conducting a credit check.

It is typical for unsecured short-term loans to be available sans any credit criterion. Payday loans and other such unsecured loans from private lenders do not require a credit check. Anyone with income can qualify for these loans regardless of their credit history. People who do not have a credit history or a latest credit report may also apply. Some lenders do consider the credit score while processing title loans. Many offer title loans online without the need to contact the lenders over the phone or via email, physically by visiting their office or by making an application in mail.

These lenders often offer online title loans with no credit check and are not part of list of fraudulent lenders discovered by Saving Advice in the report entitled, Online Title Loans: A New Wave of Internet Spam.

Titlelo Title Loans

Titlelo is one of the new lenders in the market. It is proving to be a disruptor in title loans. The lender has policies favoring the borrower and expedites the process of application, subsequent approval and eventual disbursal of title loans. The lender does not rely on the credit score of a borrower to determine their loan eligibility.

A majority of Americans have average to poor credit. Bad credit will not be a hindrance or cause for rejection when you apply for Titlelo title loans.

5 Star Car Title Loans

Not only 5 Star Car Title Loans offers you title loans – from $2,600 to up to $20,000 – but the company also helps you preserve your credit score. As we all know, every time a lender checks on your credit status, your score can be lowered.

That said, these type of loans is appealing to those who need cash quickly but don’t want to have credit inquiries recorded in their credit history.

Turbo Title Loans

Turbo has one of the highest approval ratings from borrowers among title loan providers. Based in Chicago, Turbo title loans are available regardless of credit history or score.

The application process is swift and the loan approval time is among the shortest in the industry. The repayment terms put forth by the lender are favorable for the borrower. The online application takes bare a couple of minutes if all the details are handy. Turbo has reasonable rates of interest too, which is one of the major reasons why it has so many positive reviews.

Embassy Loans

The largest lender of title loans in Florida does not conduct any credit check. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular lenders in the southeastern United States. The company has an amazing ranking assigned by the Better Business Bureau.

Embassy simplifies the application process. Borrowers can choose to apply online or visit one of their offices. The turnaround time is appreciable as well. Most borrowers get approved and the loan amounts are credited into their respective bank accounts within twenty four hours. A majority of borrowers actually get approved and the money is deposited in up to two hours from the time of successfully submitting the application.

Montana Capital Car Title Loans

Montana Capital Car Title Loans has been assisting many clients in getting car title loans since 2007. Headquartered in the San Fernando Valley, it has expanded to several locations in cities across California.

The requirements for a title loan application aren’t as challenging as the others. While the company considers your credit report for determining the amount of your title loans, it’s not the only factor. Factors like the amount of cash you requested, your car’s market value, and your ability to make a repayment determine your loan amount.

With no background checks, $2,600 minimum loans given, and the privilege to keep your car, you should have a closer look at what this company can offer you.

The Net Lender

The California based lender has a statewide presence. Best RM Group, LLC, which is the parent organization of Net Lender has a stellar reputation. It is one of the oldest lenders in the state and also in the title loan sector. Most borrowers will know if their application has been approved in less than twenty four hours.

Net Lender has favorable rates of interest. It is also more generous with the appraisals of the vehicles being used as security so borrowers can actually seek greater loan amounts than what is possible with other lenders.

EZ Dinero

The lender has a bilingual interface, making it a suitable choice for those who speak English or Spanish. The lender has straightforward policies. Its simplified operation makes life easier for borrowers.

There is a three-step application process that can be completed online and approval or rejection is usually conveyed in two to four hours. The approval does not take longer than twenty four hours. Most borrowers who get approved receive the loan amount credited into their bank in four to twelve hours.


The lender does not use credit score as a criterion and also has over a hundred locations despite having a formidable presence online. Virginia based TitleBucks has a presence in many states and cities throughout the country.


TitleMax is one of the largest private loan providers in the country. It is headquartered at Dallas in Texas and has a corporate office at Savannah in Georgia. The private lender has over eleven hundred offices across the country. TitleMax is one of the older players in this niche but it has kept up with changing time.

The online application process is simple and straightforward. There is no credit check and approval is expedited for all applicants. It is one of the few lenders that does not factor in any repayment history of the applicant.


One of the more trustworthy and reliable title loan providers, LoanMart does not conduct credit check and has a certain degree of omnipresence in the state of California. While there are lenders that have taken advantage of people in need for some cash, LoanMart has built its reputation as a lender you can put your faith in and know that there will not be a raw deal at the end of the day.

Ace Cash Express

Texas based Ace Cash Express has a presence in over twenty four states. Headquartered in Irving, Ace Cash Express has a complete online application process wherein borrowers do not have to visit any of their offices but in person application is also encouraged. There is no credit check. The private lender has been in business for fifty years now and has been offering title loans for over ten years.

Check into Cash

Cleveland based Check into Cash has been in business for over twenty five years. It has a presence beyond Tennessee as well. The private lender does not conduct a credit check. It deals in other types of short term loans as well.


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