Why Every Office Needs a Vending Machine

Vending machines are more than just an opportunity for a quick snack or a break from your daily job. They’re an investment in your company and its overall environment.

Woman buying from healthy vending machine

Whether it’s to encourage your staff to stay on-site, save money on meeting snacks, or provide a place for conversation away from the cubicles, vending machines can positively impact the overall atmosphere of an office for the better. Your employees will thank you for getting one and soon enough, you’ll be thanking yourself. Here are a few reasons why every office needs a vending machine.

Employee satisfaction

Want a happy company environment? Then you need to treat your employees sometimes. And one way to treat them would be to give them access to cheap snacks and beverages. Instead of crowding around the break room or the water cooler, a vending machine provides another hotspot for employees to chat while on break or while getting away from their desks for a few moments.

Vending machines are also quick, non-perishable items, so if your office is in need of refrigerator repair, the vending machine snacks could be a great back-up. Besides, who doesn’t need a sugary 2 p.m. pick-me-up at work.

Save a bit of money and time

On top of being a new hotspot for employees, vending machines are usually affordable. Rather than having the office manager budget for a trip to the grocery store, a vending machine helps provide snacks for everyone during those daily meetings. Going off-site to get snacks or drinks for a morning meeting is much more of a hassle than grabbing a few quick items from the vending machine.

Not to mention, you’ll get more of a variety of items. And the time you saved going down the hall instead of down the street allows you to focus more on your meeting or other work obligations.

Easily manageable

Like a simple ice dispensing machine or water cooler, vending machines are rather easy to manage. Not only do they often require a key or code to open, most companies that sell vending machines also offer repairmen. These skilled individuals can do the grunt work for you, and they’ll understand the intricacies of each individual machine.

It’s also easy to manage the kinds of items you’d like put in your machine, since there are different slots of varying sizes. This gives you the opportunity to have different kinds of snacks on which your employees can chow down.

Encourage staff to focus on work, not hunger

Though some offices are choosing to forego vending machines for the micro-markets that offer many different snacks, most employers are choosing to forego snacks in the office altogether. This isn’t a great idea, because employees need breaks from the workday and they need to satiate their hunger from time-to-time.

Research has found that snacking or eating every few hours boosts your metabolism and is better for you. If your employees are starving during the last few hours of work, they may be more inclined to focus on their growling stomachs rather than that ten-page report that’s due at the end of the week. Having a quick snack dispensary available on-site will reduce time wasted going off-site to find nourishment during work hours.

Ultimately, there’s nothing you can lose from getting an office vending machine. You can gain employee satisfaction and productivity, as they now have a new outlet for snacks and can focus more on their work rather than their growling stomachs. You can also gain time back getting quick staff meeting snacks on-site and having an easily managed machine. A vending machine won’t waste your time and will make encouraging staff to stay on-site during work hours easier.


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