Proper Distribution of Your Time While Studying in College and Running a Business at The Same Time

Sometimes, as a business-owner-slash-student, you cannot shake the feeling that your study habits are not cutting it. When you are studying so hard and trying to learn as much as possible, it is easy to feel that you are at a loss – especially when there are fire need to be put out in your business.

Business owner taking a class

Even when things are running smoothly with your business, you seem not to have enough time to do everything, juggling the work-study-life balance. Time management is very critical here.

But that’s for another blog post; in this post, let’s focus on your role as a student: How to manage your already-too-limited time?

Whatever you want to do in your role as a student, one thing for sure: study time management is vital. You need to learn how to keep time and use it to your advantage. When you feel that there just isn’t enough time for you to do anything, it is probably because you are not using your time correctly.

Here are some useful tips that will help you keep time and succeed:

Reading is not studying

It is the goal of every learner to get as much information as possible to make them competent in their careers and succeed in exams and essay writing. However one of the ways that most end up wasting a lot of time is by reading instead of studying.

Reading and re-reading course material is not studying. It does not guarantee that you will understand the material. You must make sure that you engage the content. It will save you time and ensure that you understand and remember what you have learnt.

Active studying requires you to make connections between different classes, create mind maps and creating real-life examples of how the topic can be applied.  In your busy schedule, mastering the art of speed reading is very important.

Space out your studies

According to researchers, one of the most effective learning mechanism is distributed practice. This means that one spaces out their learning time over several days or weeks. What students often tend to do is a study in the last weeks of the exams. However, this is not a great practice especially when writing an essay. Tale short periods each day to go over what one has learnt in class. This could easily be two more three hours a day.

In the long term, one will learn more deeply and retain more information that they can use in the long term. It is a great strategy that will help them achieve that all-important excellent grades n the final exams.

When studying, break down your work into sections.  You’ll find it easier to concentrate and remember more details when you study in short periods of time. If you get stuck or lack the motivation, many students look to hire the best academic essay writing services. Professional writers can get your tasks done and guarantee the highest grades.

So instead of waiting to study during the exam week, take time to study each day and cover little material each time. Keep reminding yourself about what you studied in your previous sessions to see how much you remember.

Be intense often

Not all your academic time management is used equally. Sometimes you are studying more intensely than other times. Instead of spending three hours reading, it is always better to take 45 minutes and study intensely. With shorter intense study sessions, you are less than likely to lose your attention and get distracted. Also, by freeing-up time, you can use the hours to manage your business.

Silence is not always good

Pin drop silence can be overwhelming when you are trying to learn something new. Sometimes, to get the best from your time, the library is not always the best.

Choose to study in your room and play some classical music. When there is some background noise, you tend to concentrate better. However, make sure that it is not too much noise. If you must play music make sure that it does not have too many words. For instance, classical music and jazz are always better than hip-hop and rock music as far as learning is concerned.

Now over to you – are you a business-owner-slash-student? If so, please share your tips on how to manage your time well.


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