Business Fleet: Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular on our roads today. From businesses to pre-car license aged teens, electric scooters are proving to be a popular choice. Their range of miles have increased considerably from their first appearance on the market and their looks are equivalent to, if not better than their petrol run siblings.

Electric scooter for deliveries

With any electric vehicle today however, the biggest question on everyone’s lips surrounds the issue of safety. Are electric scooters safe to be driven on the road? Or quite simply, are they safe – full stop?

Today we’re going to look at the numerous reasons why electric mopeds aren’t just a safe choice but are one of the safety choices full stop.

Electric Mopeds – The Safest Choice

While you may find it hard to believe, the electric scooter is one of the safest choices out there. Here’s why:

1. They Require The Same DVLA/Licensing Standards

First things first, licensing. Many don’t realise that electric scooters require the same DVLA registration and licensing as petrol driven bikes. That means they must be fully registered with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. They also require the rider to obtain the same licensing from the age of 16 too. That means a CBT and full provisional license.

2. They Have No Motor Or Fuel Running Through Them

Unlike a petrol driven bike, they have no motor in them, and subsequently no fuel. This means any risk of fire is almost obsolete. They have one singular battery that’s stored securely in the body of the bike. This means you can say goodbye to any ‘tinkering’ and possible risk of danger from unknowing eyes tampering with parts within an engine.

3. Their Range Limit Encourages Safer Driving

Driving an electric scooter will mean the rider has a certain range of miles on one single charge. The more efficiently they drive, the more miles they’ll achieve on that one charge. For those who tend to charge at home or at work only, this will most certainly encourage safer driving as the more efficient driving will ensure they get a much longer journey. This means a slower speed overall coupled with far less harsh braking techniques and a less aggressive acceleration.

Petrol scooters on the other hand can be topped up at the nearest petrol station, which means no need for being conscious of how much fuel you’re using.

4. Have A Top Speed

Most electric motors have a top speed. Not only does this encourage the aforementioned ‘efficient driving’ but it also means a distinct lack of erratic driving with dangerous speeds on public roads. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons so many parents choose an electric moped for their 16 year olds wanting to enjoy some freedom. The speed limiter ensures not only will they be unable to break the law in terms of speed limits, but they’ll be putting themselves in less danger.

Electric Scooters – Safer Choice?

Overall, electric scooters are by far the safer option; the speed limiters being one of the most safety conscious aspects of this breed of bike. At E Rider, you can find a range of electric mopeds for sale, all of which benefit from a top speed of approximately 30mph. Couple this with their super low costs to run and stylish good looks; and it’s a total no-brainer. For more information, contact E Rider today on 01928 583030.

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