Marketing: 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Custom Stickers & Labels

The power of a promotional sticker is invaluable. They’ve been around for many years in Australia and they keep gaining strength as a promotional tool. With the emergence of social media, many people tend to focus too much on the technical side of marketing and forget about the golden oldies. Stickers never go out of fashion, they are long-lasting, attractive and cost-efficient.

Custom stickers on laptop

Here are 6 reasons to pay attention to sticker and label marketing to ensure you don’t miss out:

1. Versatility

In the beginning, stickers were used mainly as bumper stickers and for kids to stick on their school binders. You’d see huge, white bumper stickers plastered across car bumpers as you made your way around the city. These types of promotional stickers are starting to disappear from our vehicles as labels start to take on new forms and advertisement brands in a range of different areas.

If you are based planning on purchasing custom labels in Melbourne, you can have them tailor-made to fit on all kinds of items such as:

  • Laptops
  • Water Bottles
  • Windows
  • Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Phones

The material they now use when printing stickers or labels ensures they aren’t affected by the elements. You can buy plastic labels for freezers, UV over-laminates for outdoor use, or on various types of chemical resistant plastics. The sticker industry has become highly sophisticated over the years and they can make creative, striking labels that will survive in almost any environment.

2. Cool, Trendy & Original

Stickers are similar to social media advertising, they are an offline method which will attract both younger and older customers. Stylish stickers and labels have never gone out of fashion. They are an excellent marketing tool for young, old, and everyone in-between. People were using stickers to market their brands or make a statement long before anyone was liking, pinning, or tagging online.

Trendy promo sticker

3. Word of Mouth

Many business owners in Australia underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing, they believe that online marketing is the way forward. But research suggests that word of mouth gains people’s trust the most. Tools such as stickers and labels are used to encourage offline marketing campaigns. If you want to raise brand awareness and improve your business through word of mouth, don’t forget to focus on labels and stickers.

4. Advertising Mistakes

Advertising and marketing have become so complex that sometimes your message is simply lost in translation and potential customers don’t know what you are trying to say. Marketing campaigns sometimes go completely wrong, and online videos go too far away from their message. People who watch the videos tend to get confused about your goal as a brand. This doesn’t happen with stickers. When displayed, they are seen as brand endorsements rather than advertisements. When people see them, it looks like the business or person is promoting the brand for free using stickers or labels.

5. Promotional Gift

Stickers are often seen as a gift rather than promotional advertising, when handed out to the public, they are used on personal items and other objects. Unlike promotional products, they are harder to throw easy because most people will stick a label somewhere instead of throwing it in a bin.

Person sticking sticker on lamp post

6. Branding Products

Stickers don’t always have to be given away to customers for free, they can be used to brand all sorts of products from packaging to signage. They are a cost-effective way to raise awareness of your brand.


Marketing your brand can be difficult. Especially if you don’t have the budget to pay for expensive campaigns. Stickers can be used to promote your brand and increase recognition from the buying public. They can be placed in strategic locations at little cost to your business.

The key to successful marketing is to encourage connections. Stickers and labels are perfect for doing this. To use sticker marketing effectively, you must plan appropriately and set attainable goals.


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