Do You Know The Definition of WINNING?

That is what I would like to ask you right now… If you don’t know the definition of “winning” how can you ever be a winner? ~I would like to share a few of my ideals on how people win and help you find out subconsciously what “winning” means to you. After all, isn’t that what winning is all about… what it means to you!

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5 ways I think about winning are:

1. You Win When You Are Comfortable.

This is the person who feels that sense of accomplishment. His primary goal is to go through life as comfortably as possible. He doesn’t function well under pressure. He really doesn’t want to be pushed or challenged. They will always try to avoid conflict. Basically, they just want to go through life on cruise control. Hanging out with their friends and having a good time! Everything is designed to support their pursuit of comfort. This would probably fit in the category of an employee. Someone who would be more than happy to have a safe, stable, comfortable job. If you challenge this type of person, you could really push a button and look out!

2. You Win by Being Liked.

This person’s primary goal in life is to be liked by others. They want to be popular, and seek acceptance from everyone. This type of person will do just about anything to reach that goal. They would rather be liked, than to be right or wrong. A person like that in a leadership role in business will usually fail. They are not willing to make hard core decisions for fear of upsetting someone. They will try to please everyone all the time. They are motivated by being liked by others. Its like student motivated when they are looking for essay help online and history homework help .

3. You Win By Being Right.

This person is usually an expert in a specified area like a doctor or lawyer. This kind of person usually wins by being right they don’t accept criticism and are close minded to new ideas. They reach the glass ceiling when it comes to relationships, money, and their career. They will end relationships, because they can’t accept their shortcomings. They find it hard to move past them and achieve personal growth!!! If you debate with this kind of person, you will never win. They will always prove you wrong. This person must always be right.

4. You Win By Winning.

This person is an achiever. Their primary focus is to win! They are very competitive, and will do whatever it takes to win. They will not yield, and will always stay the course! This is a person who is constantly pushing to have success. Mark Twain said it best; “if you want to be successful, find out where the successful are heading and get their first”! I would describe this person as a successful entrepreneurs and athletes. To win is their reward. However, some will compromise their integrity to “win”. Websites like buy college essays online and marketing assignment help suggests, this type of person doesn’t care if others like him or not. He always welcomes challenge because that is what provides him with new opportunity to win! This is the way I win… I win by winning. I am constantly evaluating and improving myself. I will do whatever it takes, (with integrity), to be the best. Period.!?

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5. You Win By Losing.

This person wins by being a victim. They want sympathy and declare that it is not possible to win. Living life always filled with problems because they don’t win unless they lose. They create circumstances and excuses that help themselves win! The negative mindset that “You can’t teach me anything new…”I don’t have the money”…This is another pyramid schemes… “I think I will give it a try…” When I was exposed to this, I took a long hard look at my life. There are people who are not wealthy because they want to be comfortable. There are people as well, who are not healthy because they want to be comfortable. There are many people who are stuck in the same job because they want to be liked. As well, there are people who are “addicted” to struggle because they win by losing.


Most likely, if you are like me, you see a little of yourself in each of the 5 ways I think of when it comes to winning. The most important thing to remember about winning is that, winning is a continuous process. It is over once you have won, and that now becomes an event! As soon as you’ve “won”, the process starts all over again. Now you call that a victory!!!

Once I was inspired by a new goal, my whole focus went back to “winning”. This is where I am right now. I don’t know where you are at this moment in your life, but I do know is that Entrepreneurs win by winning. They do whatever it takes to fulfill that subconscious desire. If your subconscious desire is to “win”, and win big in networking or your home business, I am here to help! If your desire is to win in Network Marketing, ask yourself why? Why do you really want to “win”?

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