5 Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales

Entrepreneurs involved in an ecommerce business are always searching for ways to increase sales. It is important to remember that first and foremost, customers expect a user-friendly experience with fast delivery.

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Nothing happens until you get customer traffic. Then you have to keep their interest and offer them something they want. Videos are being touted as an excellent tool for keeping customers engaged for longer with a better chance to convert them to paying customers.

1. Make your site mobile-friendly

As mobile devices become the “Go To” way to shop for many consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, it is essential that your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly. Quick Sprout reports that 63 percent of millennials use their phones for shopping with 40 percent of all mobile users saying they have made purchases on their cell phone.

Competing on smaller screens like mobile devices and tablets means that your site must load quickly and be sized properly for these devices. The quality of your website must not suffer for these consumers. There is no denying the fact that younger consumers rely heavily on their cell phones for researching and buying products.

Another interesting marketing opportunity that has been embraced by many online sellers is to build a mobile app. This provides an excellent opportunity to become a permanent resource for your buyers who want easy and regular access. Using an app for easy cost comparison purposes is a popular approach.

2. Use videos to market your site

Rather than rely solely on text, video promotions should be a big part of your marketing game plan. Quick Sprout reports that the majority of marketing experts claim that video marketing provides the highest return on investment (ROI) with the average viewer spending about 88 percent longer on those pages.

Consumers respond to visual images and are more engaged after watching a video than after reading text. Product demonstrations offer an excellent strategy for grabbing your prospective customers attention. If you sell clothes, you could have a sexy fashion show. For online sellers in the “tech” industry, a demonstration showing how to use the equipment offers a practical marketing approach that is appreciated and relevant.

Videos are a great way to demonstrate how products fit into your customer’s life in the same way TV advertisements always have. Inpatient shoppers are likely to get more useful information from a 60-second video than from reading three pages of text. No one wants to read a lot of text if they can watch it instead.

Videos are especially perfect for introducing a new product that is unique. If a customer can’t look at your product and automatically know how to use it, then a video is your best bet for showing them how the product works.

Qualitative analysis

3. Collect and analyze traffic data to build and improve your site

Testing your website is the only way to improve it. Fortunately, there are resources you can turn to for help in this technical realm. Mageworx can help with ranking on Google and other design issues that can affect the amount of traffic to your site. One Magento extension available is the SEO Suite Ultimate that addresses traffic and ranking. Big Commerce reports that a strong analytic strategy is essential for understanding how your customer is landing on your site and how they respond to it once they arrive.

For any online business to thrive the management team must be able to answer a few important questions about their prospective customers and their site. What is the percentage of customers that buy? How long do customers stay on the site on average? What pages have the highest bounce rate?

By collecting and examining this crucial data, it becomes easier to make necessary improvements to your site. It is also much easier to set realistic goals and objectives once you understand the metrics that answer questions such as how many site visitors does it take on average to make a sale. What are the ratios?

4. Offer On-Demand Delivery

Customers want delivery as soon as possible. Companies who want to compete must provide on-demand delivery. This process does not have to be difficult with products like Magento Extension Shipping Suite available to satisfy this customer demand. There is no denying the fact that customers are apt to select one ecommerce company over another based on shipping policy.

Shipping details are important. Customers don’t like surprises and will respond poorly if they don’t get free shipping when they expect it or their package is late. These are typical problems that haunt businesses who don’t have a system in place that delivers as promised.

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5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Sales suffer when customers feel no sense of urgency to buy. They will bounce from one ecommerce business site to another to find the best deal, often deciding to purchase when they land on a site that makes them an offer they can’t refuse. By creating that irresistible deal with a limited time to buy, your business will win over many clients. Most consumers can’t resist a good deal and will make a commitment today to take advantage of a coupon or some other savings.


Stagnate sales means it is time to do something different. By following the tips above, you can increase your sales.







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