How to Set Up an E-commerce Website that Converts: 5 Tips

What’s the point of setting up an e-commerce website if you won’t attract customers? How much you sell online is determined by how much you can influence consumer behavior.

Ecommerce website that converts

Mind you, you cannot force consumers to purchase your goods. However, there is something you can do: You can set up your website in a way that would convert your visitors into customers. This can be done by ensuring that your entire website creates the kind of user experience that makes them want to patronize your business.

How can I set up such a website?” You ask. Note that the answer to this question is embedded in the best eCommerce website builders and your website design in general. This article will reveal all you need to do.

Setting up a Website that converts your visitors into customers

To get you started, here are five tips on setting up a website that works:

1. Think of your ideal customer and try to get an idea of what they need

Sit and think about your ideal customer and what they are likely to expect when they visit a website with a product they need. With a lot of searches on the type of website where your ideal customer would be found, you will come up with a picture of what they want.

This is the very first step to creating a website that actually attracts them, as it is your thought process that eventually makes it easy to draw out a strategy.

2. Let your website have a personality that depicts your brand and what it stands for

Yes! Websites have personalities and it is your duty as the website owner to ensure your website has attributes of a personality that depicts your brand and all it stands for. Your website describes your brand’s identity and this should be in line with what a product your brand sells looks like.

An easy way to describe the kind of personality you want your website to have is to figure out that one word with which you want your brand to be described. For a website that sells clothes for young girls, do you want it to be referred to as “girly”? For a brand that offers any form of financial service, do you like it to be referred to as “honest”?

This is a simple method to ensure your design what is needed regarding your target audience or that ideal customer.

3. Categorize products in sections and pair some together

The mind of your ideal customer would be very busy (as expected of every human); trying to sort things out. Hence, things that make this process of sorting easier are always a welcome idea. Hence, a website that categorizes and groups is sure to be chosen over other websites. This is why categorizing the products into various sections is important.

For instance, if you sell gadgets, you would be doing your customers a great favor by putting phones, laptops, and accessories under different sections. Pairing your products is also a very good idea. For instance, imagine pairing a particular phone to a headset. A customer would easily realize the need for both and buy them.

Online fashion shop

4. Ensure the use of quality photography

Customers always felt the visual impact. The quality of pictures determines a lot as great pictures have been the order of the day in today’s world of marketing.

Great pictures give users the feeling of actually touching the product. It makes them want to purchase the product instantly. Even Software for 3D modeling takes the concept of photography to another level as it shows users a 3D version of your product.

5. Make the purchase process the very best it can be

Optimize the purchased product by ensuring navigation is easy and the process is as simple as possible. Forget the tactic of getting the details of the customer for future marketing before they can even make a purchase. Instead, concentrate on ensuring they can make a purchase very easy for a start.

Final Thoughts

Creating an e-commerce website that converts is not a hard process. Just follow the tips and it would amaze you at the results.


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