Rapid Application Development: Smooth and Effortless Business Processes Automation

Some say people are lazy. We are constantly seeking easier ways to do things. We are seeking for someone or something to do things for us. Especially, boring and monotonous things and tasks that require too much attention and repetition. First, we have learned to delegate those tasks to people. Later, we also learned to delegate them to machines. That is how the concept of automation evolved.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

More and more of our daily life processes become automated. We gladly use machines to help us live our lives with more ease. We also create apps that help us to deal with the repetitive, tedious and difficult tasks.

Now, the focus of app development has shifted. Needless to say, life sets the pace of development. App developers fail to keep up with this pace when using traditional development methods. So, they have to adapt. This led to trying new innovative technologies such as Rapid Application Development (RAD).

What exactly is RAD?

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an automation app-building technology that allows creating applications in a more efficient and fast way, compared to the traditional Waterfall method.

In the Waterfall method, developers have to stick to strict planning and execution. They got to carefully define what step is gonna be the next one in the development process and they cannot skip a step and move to the next one. They can move only in one direction, from step 1 to step 2, like a waterfall, and that’s where the name of the method is coming from.

RAD model, on the contrary, uses an integrated set of guidelines, techniques, and tools. It is faster, more flexible and iterative than the Waterfall method. RAD model has the following definitive features:

  1. A clear outline of the project requirements, so that everyone in the project understands the purpose of the app.
  2. Rapid prototyping, which implies that the prototype of the app is made rapidly and everyone in the project can familiarize themselves with it. If they have any comments or suggestions concerning the final product, the app can be modified in the early stage of development, which helps to avoid rework in the future.
  3. User feedback, which is received on the prototype development stage. Users get a hand on the app, test it, and later provide feedback on how they would prefer the end product to be.
  4. Delivery of the final app version, which happens after user requirements are met and user feedback is considered.

Rapid Application Development

RAD: Examples of use

Project tracking

Tracking progress is an essential activity in every enterprise. You need to know what projects have been completed, the ones that are in progress, and those that to be started. Without project tracking, you won’t be able to estimate the potential of your business. Also, employees may waste time doing irrelevant things when they should be focusing on your main goal.

To fix this problem, you need to get a project tracker software. This tool will help organize, plan, and tracker all your projects. It will keep your employees focused on the right tasks and track their progress, thereby ensuring more effectiveness and productivity. A RAD platform is one of the best places to build an effective project tracker software to serve your company’s needs.

Warehouse management

Managing a warehouse is not an easy task. The bulk amount of goods and the frequency with which they enter and leave the warehouse makes managing a warehouse complicated. With a warehouse management software, you will be able to know the exact quantity of goods that are in stock, and which ones are entering and leaving the warehouse. You will be able to estimate your profits and know when to restock the warehouse.

RAD platforms let you build a warehouse management software to manage all your company’s warehouse activities. You will find that your business is running smoothly and you can easily estimate profits.

Where to get your apps built faster

Up to this point, you must have noticed that choosing the right platform to create the app is very significant to the success of your business. With rapid application platforms, you will be able to build your business app. As the business owner, you know the exact problem of your business, and you will be able to implement working solutions in the app even without much coding skills.

One of the best platforms to use is the Codejig App Builder. This platform lets you create your app from scratch or using custom templates using block-based coding. Also, to implement complex business logic, this platform allows you to switch to text-based coding such as javascript.


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