Why Local Startups Should Use a Local Phone Number

Entrepreneurs can give their businesses a significant boost in credibility by signing up for a local VoIP phone number.

The internet is revolutionizing the business world. Nevertheless, the telephone is still one of the most important marketing tools that businesses use to engage consumers.

Local business phone number matters

Today, nearly all companies focus on building their online presence. Many, however, forget that a considerable segment of consumers still prefers familiar and time-tested phone communication.

By securing a local number for your business, you can build rapport with local buyers.

You’ll Create a Stronger Presence for Your Startup With a Local Number

It’s easy to understand why customers prefer to patronize businesses with a local number. A local number implies that your business base of operations is in the community. For customers, it feels safer to spend their hard-earned money with a local business.

Residents take pride in their communities. Many of them prefer to patronize a local business, rather than a global corporation. After securing a cost-effective local VoIP number, you can use it for advertising throughout the community.

Marketing Your Local Number

Marketing is an ongoing exercise in proving to potential customers that your offering can solve their problem. You can do this with straightforward, concise language and familiar themes. For example, if you’re a Toronto based business, prominently displaying your 416 area code number will give potential customers a sense that your company is a part of the community.

You don’t need fancy advertisements to convince customers to try your good or service. However, your advertisements must contain accurate information to build consumer trust, so make sure to keep your local listings up-to-date.

Also, make sure to optimize all digital advertising for mobile devices. Often, consumers will find information about your company on their smartphone and call you directly from your advertisement.

Taking It Up a Notch

VoIP phone number service is a cost-effective tool. Even small business owners who are just starting out can afford an 800 vanity number to display alongside their local phone number in advertisements.

An 800 number will give your small enterprise big business prestige. Also, and 800 vanity number is easy to remember. When customers remember your number easily, they are more likely to call and patronize your business.

From a marketing perspective, an 800 number makes it easy to track the results of your advertising campaigns. You can set up a separate number for each campaign and learn what advertising methods work best for your business.

Gearing up for Growth

If you operate a small business, eventually you’ll need a commercial phone number. For instance, it’s a good sign when you can hire employees. That means your business is growing and you’re generating more revenue – as well as more work.

However, when you bring on employees, it’s time to set up a business number. A local business number gives your company credibility and boosts your brand image.

As your company grows, you can easily add lines as needed. VoIP business phone services are flexible and affordable. By setting up a business line with a 416 number, you can boost the credibility of your startup and make meaningful – and profitable – connections with local consumers.


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