What are the Advantages of Transformational Leadership Style?

There seems to be a new business opening every day, however just as many seem to fail. Often, this is due to a lack of management resource or even an inability to stand out from the commercial noise.

Transformational leadership

Transformation directors or leaders are managers with the infectious charisma that makes employees feel passionate about the company and its success. The positive impact they have can be seen and felt in practically all aspects from training to corporate planning. They have a more objective view of issues, therefore they do not shy away from difficult decisions. Their aim is to ensure organisations can grow effectively, without implementing changes that will drastically affect company culture. So, that decision making takes into consideration each businesses’ vision, values, goals and objectives. Enlisting the help of a transformational leader may be the positive change a company needs.

According to Kurt Uhlir, a transformational leadership style is ideal for organizations that require high performance and innovation to achieve the desired outcomes and you may visit this author’s site to learn more. Here are some reasons to consider transformational leadership:

Better employee retention

Having a fresh pair of eyes with a focus on company objectives could help inspire the staff to be more productive. Transformation directors are driven and prepared to motivate staff to get on-board with any structural changes ensuring that all transitions happen smoothly. Therefore, they are prepared to reach out to employees, discuss any adaptations to their roles and plans moving forward, helping to strengthen management/employee relations; which will in turn reduce potential, unnecessary employee turnover.

Response to change

Business is ever changing and always developing, this means as a business you will have to follow suit. Placing managers with transformational skills overseeing areas where you need to change and improve will wield positive results. These are very driven, adaptable individuals and their skill set is ideal for spearheading special projects, new initiatives whilst empowering employees to become involved and thrive through these changes.

Forward Planning

More than just motivating staff, transformation directors focus on the company’s future. They work according to the company’s mission and vision creating and implementing plans, ideas and projects that will be instrumental to growth. Working alongside management teams they do their utmost to turn their vision boards into realities.


Change and transformation is never easy and having the wrong leadership in place could lead to failure: having an experienced individual in your corner will you help adopt new methods and support you to grow beyond your competition.


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