Business Trip Tips to Amsterdam

Careful planning is the secret to every successful trip, and work travel is no different. Amsterdam is one of the most interesting and non-standard cities in Europe and it’s definitely worth visiting it at least once. This is a city with unlimited opportunities for self-expression, a real paradise for art lovers; the beautiful European capital with countless cafes and winding canals.

Businesswoman travelling to Amsterdam

Going on a business trip, it is worth remembering that almost every inhabitant of the country speaks, at least, in English. Many of them also know German, and somewhere around 40% of them can speak French. Entering the building, local residents always greet everyone, and this applies not only to business offices but also to public places, shops, and railway compartments.

What to Pay Attention to If You are in Amsterdam

Most tourists come to Amsterdam by plane, but there are those who decide to travel on own car. All autobahns and almost all tunnels are free, but you should pay for using the ferry across the river. It should also be remembered that there is a big problem with parking in the city center, and hotels, as a rule, do not have their own parking lots.

  • Even if you settled in the city center, you will likely want to ride on the most beautiful city tram — comfortable and quiet. Transport in the Netherlands can not be called cheap. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush to purchase a ticket if you come to Amsterdam. This is a very interesting and beautiful city, which is really nice to walk around. If the walks are boring and you want more mobility, then it is better to rent a folding adult tricycle. The price of the service starts from 6 Euros per day.
  • If there is little money left for food, but you want to try something, don’t worry, there is one budget option. Every tourist can have breakfast for only 2 Euros from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the HEMA cafe.
  • A delicious and inexpensive meal is also possible. Going to the library of Amsterdam (on the top floor), a tourist can not only have a tasty meal but also enjoy a beautiful view free of charge.
  • For those who want to save even more on food while traveling to Amsterdam, there is another way — buying products in the market or purchasing goods at jonsguide.
  • You can find many cozy cheap bars if you move at least a kilometer away from the center. There are no tourists, there is no English menu, so you can feel the spirit of the city. You can have a great meal with a glass of soft draft Dutch beer. 5-10 Euros per person. In the center, prices are significantly higher, although not as high as, for example, in Stockholm or Helsinki.

Amsterdam canal

Business Travel Tips

Central station. If you have time and desire to travel to other cities in the Netherlands or go to another European country, you can buy a ticket at the yellow ticket offices. If the menu navigation at the checkout does not seem obvious to you, then turn left and go all the way when you enter the station building. There you will find cashiers who will help you.

Those who plan to travel a lot around the city should consider saving and convenience using the jons guide. Do not forget that cycling through the streets of the Old Town can be very difficult. There are no special bicycle paths, so there are traffic jams on the main routes due to the abundance of two-wheeled vehicles.

The final tip. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is wonderful, and it is clear why it consistently takes high places in the ranking of airports in the world. But the drives at this airport seemed somewhat ill-conceived, as they collect huge queues since each passenger is checked immediately before boarding. Therefore, take a minimum of hand luggage, take a walk around the airport and come to the boarding gate among the latter.


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